Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Wheels

It was auspicious that I had the Prius towed to Toyota dealership as it is next door to a very large used car lot. As it happened when I went to clean out my Prius, a young British saleswoman came to help me and to see the damage. We began to talk about cars and she happened to drive a Crosstrek. So before I left the dealership I had toured the lot and found two Crosstreks and put a deposit down to hold one! I showed my son pictures of the cars and asked him to join me on Monday to see the cars and to help me choose. I settled on buying the 2015 blue one which turned out to have white interior with leather seats like my Prius - only this vehicle has heated seats! And Bluetooth. It is an easy transition so far and I don't have to worry about scraping bottom driving up my road AND I can drive up to my son's house. Ah. I have to relinquish my righteous demeanor wrapped around driving a hybrid.

Big changes for My Birthday


Out of the pitch of night 
no one saw it
a loud thunk
it wasn’t until I eased to the side of road
that we could see
chunk of deer wedged in hinge
of passenger door
we knew
and two of us hiked back
to where the large deer
lay, stretched

was it for us to be reminded
we move on 
the shear suddenness
of passage
just beyond the steep bank

Mary North

Thursday, March 1, 2018

a small poem for March first

Ode to Poached eggs and toast

I do like a glass of wine
and I do like a square of dark chocolate
and I’d love an artichoke
or fresh papaya, but
what I do have -
fresh eggs
are awfully good
on Dave’s Killer bread
toasted and buttered
the yoke oozing all over
and down my throat.



Friday, February 16, 2018

What became of January

I left out January because in January I had flu, and the Arctic temperatures prompted a hibernation. It was so cold that the heat pump working all day could not raise the heat in house to 62. I slept and when necessary bundled up (3 hats, etc) to open and then close the chickens. Having to bring out the tea pot of boiling water to break up the ice in their water basin. Alma seems to have caught flu at nearly same time; she had the flu shot (which has proven nearly useless this year) while I did not (but I did have remedies which helped). Hardly went out for two weeks, just to avoid spreading flu to others. I couldn't visit Meghan as I couldn't risk giving her flu. This late fall she was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer of unknown origin, having ended up in ER with fluid surrounding heart. Meghan was just 60 last year and last year nursed Carol thru treatments for uterine cancer. Meghan wanted to fight her diagnosis as Carol had, the doctor ordered a chemo treatment which poisoned her nearly to death. Her legs swelled and oozed, she could hardly walk and the fluid began to fill her lungs quicker and quicker. She spent almost 2 weeks in the CCU in Roanoke, now diagnosed with CHF and 4th stage lung cancer. I went by to see her before I left for Dominican Republic, sensing I might not see her again. Carol took my note and eggs, but Meg was sleeping. She died on January 30, rode out on a giant blue moon.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

pictures from the DR

Thoughtful faces intent on Kindles!

The pool in heavy down pour. We had rain at night and during the day. But always the sun would show up in the day, warm. It is 70 degrees here in Virginia, and Baldwin says that it is only in the 70's in Samana. It has been freezing in Houston and in Ocean Springs this winter. So strange. I wish that more action would be taken by our public officials to prepare for climate change. It seems a stand off not dissimilar to the subject of gun control. We have a bunch of equivocating cowards in office. School shooting in Florida yesterday afternoon, 17 people dead, 12 injured. Shame. I am disgusted.

Pearl took this photo of True and me. A very happy Nanee down in the tropics. Need to be there more of the winter. Have to make it possible.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Escape from Gray World to Beach World

For ten days from  January 24 to Groundhog day, happy trip to DR to stay in little house beside Baldwin and Mindy's rental near down town Las Terranes, Samana, DR.  A beautiful landscape, the little cottage to the right in this picture. It was cool enough that I only went into the pool once; Susan swam several days. The papaya and pineapple were heavenly. Large avocados. Plantain and yuca chips. El Presente cerveza en la playa. The beaches as always, beautiful.
Susan and I had a smooth trip with no hassles and no missed connections; and so much more fun to travel with friend than alone - sharing the anxiety diminishes it! It did rain quite often on the island, but hardly discouraged trips to beach. True was very sick the first several days, finally he rallied with the help of medicine for amoebic dysentery. But the time went too quickly; I hope I can arrange for 3 weeks next winter. I need to check to see how hard it would be to bring Mr. Lee - tho Alma loved having him and he seemed to enjoy his stay at her house. I have more pictures to post, though I am now posting on Instagram.  The colors, the light, the flora - the food! And how my skin drinks happily.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

an angle in

The second day of living in snow world saw melting, even what was  my sled run. I'm relieved that the snow is passing; 50 cents urged his hens out; I drove up and down the road with Mr. Lee in the truck - the road good for Subaru, not yet for Prius. Perhaps the road will clear before the bitter cold due on Tuesday with possibility of more snow. A very cold forecast for mid-week, but 50's are back by the weekend! Ann has organized dinner at Palisades Wednesday night to celebrate birthday. 
I've almost completed a puzzle of cows (cow sculptures painted by artists, from sudo-Picasso to sudo-vanGogh). Mr. Lee and I walked up to the blue house, looking for deer to run - or Mr. Lee was. I can imagine a puzzle business which would for a reasonable price transform your own pictures into puzzles - it seems like it could be done cheaply. Though this picture would not be fun to puzzle. 
Behind my daily routine runs an inner dialogue, trying to figure a way to stop the Republican methodical dismantling of the federal government. It is excruciating to watch. And for the last week Los Angeles burns - to horrid to watch. And all the while I am in my snow globe with books and puzzle and my dear dog and cat, 10 chickens and art.