Thursday, September 5, 2019

birthdays and cousins

In a few days, Pearl and True with their parents will be flying to Ethiopia; a trip which includes visits to True's and to Pearl's areas of birth and a donkey ride. I am slow to realize the end of summer is upon us - so much of me wanting it not to be. After a delightful two week visit with Ezra and Sofia, I ended up with Lyme's - i suspect recurrent incident. So I am on doxy and a herbal brew. Ah, so I have been remiss about completing many summer projects (not yet moving the mulch Baldwin brought for my birthday!). 

Friday, July 12, 2019

The scents magnify

Night blooming cereus two nights ago, opening up as the moon brightened a dark greenhouse and this morning, the first gardenia opens. I am delighted and intoxicated. The magnolia still beckons me to pull a bloom to my nostrils as does the frangipani on the deck. 
Meanwhile in New Orleans, tropical storm Barry (which is just off the mouth of the river) threatens to inundate the city. It is a slow moving storm and the river is swollen from the rains in the midwest - levees will be challenged. Pirogues on Coliseum street in front of Commander's Palace just blocks from where I once lived, flooding before Barry, two days ago. What will it take for our government to mount a serious national effort to confront climate change? GOT to vote this dispicable President out!
This morning's harvest from the garden:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

July, the longest day behind us

Rain has promoted many many blooms, the smell I have to bend a branch to inhale, delicious. This morning a walk to the river, where the tale of the day before is marked in the further erosion of the bank from 2.3 inches of rain. The garden benefits from Robin's pony, Joey's droppings - big green tomatoes, I anticipate red with lust. I have been enjoying cucumbers and squash and onions (better than in years past) and Blue house beans and swiss chard. We prepare for Pearl's 11th birthday - I am filling a piƱata. 
I have been meeting with a counselor in hopes of managing my anxiety (anticipatory), a wonderful young woman who reminds me of my friend Diane - (she has a whimsical manner of dressing - all dressed in black one time, sort of vampish - costumes like - as if trying on personalities perhaps inspired by her clients ?). We are just beginning a therapy that goes by the initials: EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). It brings up past moments of stomach unsettling events...and it has made me more sensitive to the feelings. I am more often than I thought of queasy stomach. Hoping to make traveling easier and sharing my kitchen a breeze! ah! 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Reading the Mueller Report

I am reading the Mueller Report online from the NPR website. Quick scan of Part I, now slower read of the case for obstruction. A detailed picture of Trump's paranoid protestations of the Russian investigation - his obsession - unfolds. He acts like a dictator - has little knowledge or respect for our system of government (as seemed obvious - but which is now documented). All elected officials should read this report or be voted out of office. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Thirty Years

The latest data on the state of the climate suggests that we have but 30 more years on Earth, humans will be extinct. Part of me, the part that has become horribly cynical by almost 3 years of Trump's reign, thinks that humans no longer deserve to be residents of this 3rd planet from the sun. 
I feel as if a suck star is gobbling the spirit of mankind. There is a swell of hate and greed licking the hearts of too many leaders. What has happened to us that we who know the fierce danger of a warming globe, find our voices muted. Find ourselves angry but impotent. What's wrong with me????
It will take such a huge wish and such a bright child to wake the frozen leaders. It will take all mankind picking up their trash
it will take the death of plastic
it will take 1/2 the world's land uncultivated
it will take innovation, wind mills and solar collectors
it will take commitment of all nations
and our love for Earth First

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Oh, April Gone

April was lovely spring, especially magnificent red bud bloom, and Baldwin's birthday found us at river to see a dramatic fly over of hawk and eagle. Baldwin gave me a wildlife motion detection camera that we have set up at a creek crossing, capturing footage of deer and turkey as expected, and large coyote!  

Living with Wound

I'm not an especially good nurse, least of all to myself - as growing up with a grandmother who believed in mind over matter (Christian Science), at my base I feel I have failed. But I am charged with caring for this disk about size of a silver dollar and perhaps deeper, a result of MOHS surgery to get the last cells of a squamous cell carcinoma on my right ankle. I have been prohibited from work in the begging to be planted garden in mid May. It is a no go to walk to the river and swim. I need to get off my feet to allay swelling which might hurt chances for a skin graft - altho i am unsure if I will need one - the explanations are slim and unsatisfactory. I am impatient. 
Watched the kids with inner tubes set off for the river with their good friends. Waved. Asked them to splash for me. Sweet ones. At 74 it isn't too hard to settle back into vicarious pleasure. I have walked to the river a few times since the surgery. I like disobeying.