Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ground Hog in yard this last day of February

I was looking for pictures from my recent visit to DR, but couldn't track down! and found this photo from last Christmas - my three most dear and wonderful grands. 

As Mindy said, Baba's arm is long enuf for a good selfie! so here we are. Two weeks was hardly long enuf. The lack of sun here in south west VA this winter has been damaging to mood and to bones; Sharon in Ocean Springs says that it has been a lugubrious winter on the Gulf Coast. The playas in Las Terranes are perfect; 4 mile walk in  morning trailing Baldwin and Mindy - after school  swim with the kiddos. All my aches were gone under the tropical sun. My plantar fasciitis did not aggravate  even tho I went barefoot or with flip flops. And my stiff thumbs loosened, and my itchy dry skin lessened and my wound healed (from removal of skin cancer). Fresh fruit! ah...
I hope that by next winter I can manage 3 weeks at least. Alma loves caring for Mr. Li. One chicken died on Alma's watch and three days ago the red tailed hawk snatched one of my good black hens. I'm down to 4 hens - Alma could keep them at her house. I can figure out how to turn off the water to the house and leave house in good shape to weather the cold.  Maybe I could do a month.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

red canoe and yellow hammock

So much depends on a red canoe, tied to a tree by the river (knock off - WC Williams):

The river too cold for paddling, at least for these old bones. The hammock too wet for a lazy idle here in the first sun in three days. But I pace and do a small qigong practice:

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mary Oliver died today

Oh, what a poet, voice to our spirit, to our deep connection with this world -- Mary Oliver. Her poems, her presence, invite us to see as she sees in commune with the outside, the pond, the wild geese, the song bird. Oh, what a joy to read her words. Thank you, Mary Oliver. 

I woke this morning in a dream of Van, sharing poems - and I stretched in my warm cocoon of a bed with cat to my right and small white dog to my left and smiled. As if a parallel life that might have been, I seemed to have shifted into this possible story in the night - familiar (as if I have been there before). When I learned of Mary Oliver's death, I wondered if the dream was prescience.

Snow this afternoon.

Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 Here

Months hiatus. Have taken up paper journals - poor excuse. Why not both? Following the forecast for snow beginning tomorrow night; not as heavy a snow this time as in December when we had 14" here in the hollow.
Was lovely light snow. I left soon after for Houston to visit Ez and all before Christmas.
This time we may have some mix and ice accumulation; preparing for possible outage - tho certainly hoping power will stay. Nevertheless, Mr. Li and Katrina and I are ready as can be. Have 3 suet cages filled to hang tomorrow; raccoons have stolen two cages which I left out at night. Now I am retrieving them when I go to close the chickens. 

Pictures from Trinidad where Ez and family spent Christmas - lots of cousin-time, beautiful trio!
And beautiful pictures keep coming from Dominican Republic   where Baldwin and family have a kitten. Kitten they are convinced has soul of Alaska - they may bring him back to Virginia.

Have bundled through some pretty cold days, two days ago the high was 23 degrees. When Mr. Li and I walked down to river today through areas of heaved crunchy ground, I took pictures of ice covered puddles. But before the 20 degree high, there was a 60 degree blue sky joy of a day! Good puzzle time, good books. 

Nursing a wound, which I am focusing healing intention upon - have ticket to Dominican Republic towards end of January - and can't go with wound! Had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from just above ankle on right leg before Christmas. It looks good, was size of quarter and now more like nickel. Didn't realize that wounds below knee take twice as long to heal.

Happily still holding qigong classes twice a week; yet to renew habit of attending Robin's class in Blacksburg. Wonderful group of women, a delight. My week takes form from the two mornings assigned to class - then going into town for groceries and working at library for the children books sale. NAACP monthly meeting and MCDC meeting I attend - wanting to do more, but moving slow into a greater commitment. How did it become 2019??!! 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Upon Me

We have had 3 and 3/4 of an inch of rain since Thursday, hard tropical down pours with fierce bursts of wind. Reminding me of squalls on Lake Pontchartrain in our sail boat the Cap'n Flint. The river went from clear, perfect to mud tumultuous. Power was out for 20 hours. Not what anyone would have wished for Labor Day. But the rain is good. Tho my garden has gone to weeds with small stands of okra, seed balls of elephant garlic amidst the tall seedy lambs quarters and other not so delicious invasive species. I do manage to find greens and clover flowers for green smoothies. Watching US Open when rain doesn't disrupt. Picture of True, now 6; a delight, full of talk and dear devotion to his sis. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Been too long

Not sure where my impulse to be here has been - not found in my present mind. As if it hasn't been so long, but the date proves me wrong. Nothing to add to the state of the world. It is late summer and the wasps and yellow jackets are seeking home in my old house. The continent out here in farm land has been rolled. Big bales everywhere. The river is perfect.
In fact I am waiting another hour before heading down the creek - waiting for the sun to lessen in intensity. My forearm is still swollen from the third yellow jacket sting, on Sunday morning. I seem to have patched another tiny entrance last night. The buggers have made using my upstairs porch a dangerous situation unless at night. I have become agile with flyswatter and swifter (which works well killing the jackets buzzing at skylights). Somehow the jackets have found an exit from the upstairs nest into my downstairs kitchen. I have killed scores. I hated to kill them at first. I rescue wasps from the house. But there are too many of these small mean-stingers to rescue. This is war. 
Today after qigong class, I stopped by Fran's to pick up my stack of Flaccavento Town Hall in Riner postcards and chatted with Fran. Would love to see her at class, but I won't count on it! The first place I tried to coax into keeping a few cards, refused. But i lucked out at the second stop, Brugh Coffee on Roanoke rd! Delicious home roasted coffee - Kirk was there. They took a stack. Carol at the Toy store took some and Krogers will put a few on their staff bulletin board. I'm almost out. Bon! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Wheels

It was auspicious that I had the Prius towed to Toyota dealership as it is next door to a very large used car lot. As it happened when I went to clean out my Prius, a young British saleswoman came to help me and to see the damage. We began to talk about cars and she happened to drive a Crosstrek. So before I left the dealership I had toured the lot and found two Crosstreks and put a deposit down to hold one! I showed my son pictures of the cars and asked him to join me on Monday to see the cars and to help me choose. I settled on buying the 2015 blue one which turned out to have white interior with leather seats like my Prius - only this vehicle has heated seats! And Bluetooth. It is an easy transition so far and I don't have to worry about scraping bottom driving up my road AND I can drive up to my son's house. Ah. I have to relinquish my righteous demeanor wrapped around driving a hybrid.