Wednesday, March 22, 2017

cold than warm, than cold - so on...

Picking up the detritus of the dead

Bending to a thin lock of hair, inhaling the musty
laundry of the home bound, an open
book there by the chair. I could never
retrieve the stories my mother left on her
computer, the house and its contents left to my brother -
i abandoned it all after the months of care.
returned to my mountain fastness, sealing

the doors.

Thinking of a friend who died while retrieving a lock of my dog's hair on the rug. Odd how the memories sprout in the head. Working on a long poem i wrote several years ago and urged by friend, Susan, to assemble for a video. Mercilessly cut and at half the length it reads much smoother - fun to look for photos which we may use. A project to take the news of the day off the neocortex. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Post Cards plus - St Paddy's Day

Still nursing right foot with a case of plantar fasciitis which persists in spite of visits to chiropractor. Enjoyed making 3 post cards to mail on Ides of Trump to the White House, even though I seriously doubt DJT looks at the huge pile of mail. To bare being citizen under Trump, I have upped attendance at meetings besides the local democrats, joining Indivisible and Dialogue on Race. I think it helps to be with other resisters and activists, not unlike AA meetings to keep one on track. 
Before this recent bout of very cold weather with false alarm of possible snow, I took this picture down by the river. We are just coming out a frigid wind, difficult days for maintaining warmth - New England is digging out! The series of 20 degree mornings killed my day lilies. Hopefully not to the point to prevent blooms. Baldwin and Mindy's Japanese magnolia which was about to bloom, has sad brown flags where there were purple buds. I walked up to it with some homeopathic rescue remedy and agaracus (good for frost bite) in water to pour on the roots of the magnolia. Hopefully there are many more blooms that were not burned. 
I still make calls to congress folks, not as many since the Virginia General Assembly has gone home. Fortunate that both Senators are Democrats, I mostly call Missing Morgan. Listing reasons why the NEA is important. Ah. Now I can add more items such as the need for Meals on Wheels, jeez, really! Maddening that the US must pay roughly 183 million a year for secret service on Melania and son in NYC - this is more that the budget for most programs that Trump's budget seeks to cut. All to raise the budget for the military: bully President; bully Nation. Tweedledum (Twitterly dumb Trump).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Into March - high Lent!

We have had almost zero snow this winter, but this weekend there is the off chance that we will acquire some wet snow accumulation. Mr. Lee and I have been enjoying walks to the river in warm days, geese ofter seen floating down white water. The daffodils are blooming all about the house and I have vases filled inside. Now it seems April is coming quickly and my sun drenched, salt water washed children will return to their house so near mine! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In the mineral spring

from Susan

Home from Warm Springs

Trip to Bath county and a float in the pool of warm mineral waters
with best of friends. An hiatus from the routine of my life and from news of the big world. Warm springs felt like a travel back in time when my great grandmother would have visited to nurse her tuberculosis. The mountains in long triple spines, the enclaves of civilization around hot springs or warm springs with homes of the very wealthy. Dinner Thursday night at the Grist Mill was delicious - though I was fairly filled up with goodies we had brought from home to have with wine in the bar at the Warm Springs hotel. what a surprise that small hotel with the high ceilinged waiting room dressed in furniture of early 1900’s - large dining area  and a sun room added latter. the bar with the old safe. slipping into another time.

I realize how good it is to be away - even for just an overnight. A refreshing. A perspective. and the warm mineral springs were salubrious and still rocking my body. 
We spent an hour at the Homestead until the Warm Springs opened.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ides of February

Trying to diligently call/email/write letters to US Senators protesting our unnamed president's nominations for his cabinet. And locally calling delegate and senator concerning gerrymandering, gun control, birth control, coal ash...and other issues. And to the immediate local, emailing and phoning supervisors about Margaret Smith's abattoir (small slaughterhouse proposal for Riner area)! Sometimes the phone lines are tied up. Sometimes I tire of the world. Mr. Lee and I have been walking around red bud. Here is our Valentine.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

John Lewis: "When You Pray, Move Your Feet!"

It appears that many have taken these words to heart! Spontaneous crowds (at many airports) formed protesting Trump's latest order to HAULT all Syrian refugees (and others from certain Muslim countries) from coming into US. As Trump moves to make good on many of his campaign promises, the shallow thought that has gone into his orders becomes obvious. He seems to have no ability to account for consequences
to others, nor does he seem to care. PBS debates when to call a lie and lie from the small pursed lips of Donald. 1984 becomes a best seller! And the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster begins.