Friday, March 29, 2013

50 years

Different perhaps, but we were familiar; we certainly connected with much care. Fifty years. We could say what we had no words for 51 years ago after Mimi, my twin sister, shot herself. It made for an intense meaningful meeting. I joked that it was like "coitus interruptous" - moving from one deep conversation to another, interrupted and then returning.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

planning on revisiting this temperature soon

The forecast for New Orleans next week has temperatures similar to today; I am so ready to stretch into a week of warmer weather. March has been bitter with strong winds and too many grey days. Perfect day for clearing more of the debris from winter on the lawn, still a line of gravel from the flood. And I tried again to trench the spring to no avail. I need some expertise. Much of the watercress was rushed downstream. I am still boiling water. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Too Loud and too close

I'd thought a good seat would be close to the stage; I knew I had to get up there to introduce the Barter Theatre play and I wanted to be near grand-daughter. A friend of hers with her mom sat with us. It seemed a good set up. In talking with DD, she said that she would like to come on stage with me to welcome everyone, so great I thought; why not? The Lyric filled up with children and their people; the population was mostly kids - and the volume went up. We made it to the edge of the stage and I welcomed the audience and introduced the play; DD hung slightly behind me - and managed to put her hoodie up. It was intimidating up there - but we did it and managed to get back to our seats. Just as we sat down a woman with toddler on her lap and scoop seat baby in the aisle blocked us into our seats. 
The play began. And in a flash I realized it was more for school kids - 3rd or 4th grade? DD and her friend leaned forward in their seats - then moved back. The songs were loud; I thought too loud - beginning to wonder if I could extricate us and find seats further back. DD covered her ears. I waited for what seemed a good time to escape; it wasn't going to be easy to get around the end seat with baby in the aisle. Finally, we managed a graceful exit. 
In the car on the way home, we decided we needed to check the book upon which the play was written out of the library so that we could find out what happened to Miss Nelson. We had a lot of questions. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

you want grandmother's house

you want grandmother's house
forever the same;
my grand-daughter visits
tugging me back 
into this archetypal spot.

I fall in with her
as we tumble off the sofa
that took us to the moon.

Nanee's back!