Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Wheels

It was auspicious that I had the Prius towed to Toyota dealership as it is next door to a very large used car lot. As it happened when I went to clean out my Prius, a young British saleswoman came to help me and to see the damage. We began to talk about cars and she happened to drive a Crosstrek. So before I left the dealership I had toured the lot and found two Crosstreks and put a deposit down to hold one! I showed my son pictures of the cars and asked him to join me on Monday to see the cars and to help me choose. I settled on buying the 2015 blue one which turned out to have white interior with leather seats like my Prius - only this vehicle has heated seats! And Bluetooth. It is an easy transition so far and I don't have to worry about scraping bottom driving up my road AND I can drive up to my son's house. Ah. I have to relinquish my righteous demeanor wrapped around driving a hybrid.

Big changes for My Birthday


Out of the pitch of night 
no one saw it
a loud thunk
it wasn’t until I eased to the side of road
that we could see
chunk of deer wedged in hinge
of passenger door
we knew
and two of us hiked back
to where the large deer
lay, stretched

was it for us to be reminded
we move on 
the shear suddenness
of passage
just beyond the steep bank

Mary North