Monday, July 24, 2017

River Heaven

True has transformed into a river otter and Pearl has taken to kayak explorer - it is a delight to watch them. I have been favoring the river off from the mouth of our creek, rock sitting and river walking - happily falling into deeper spots.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last of the Day Lilies

I climbed over the chicken yard fence to see if perchance there was a nest of eggs as I've been getting only 3 eggs a day. No nest. The diminished numbers must be due to heat and one broody hen. Chance of rain today, however I don't see any evidence yet. And the last of my day lilies are blooming. Mid summer, dog days, and I am anxious to get into the river as much as I can. Lucky me, I can fan my ire at Frump reading articles posted on FB and then go soak in the river until mellow. Attempting to stock pile energy to fight for the Environment in this dangerous time. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Grumbling in the sky, hen on the nest panting

and I was just on my way to the river, now hesitating. My dog delighted with a surprise frozen rib from a past cook out. It is hot out. Hot enough that the blooms on the gardenia, in spite of frequent watering, seem to faint. 
I don't know how my broody hen manages the warm coop most all day (tho I toss her out whenever I visit). A few days ago I surprised her pecking at a snake in the adjoining nest box! I have still not turned on my a/c as the nights cool down and fans are quite sufficient. And unlike the hen house, my house has insulation. 
The possible cloud burst has past with but a meager spit. I'm going to check for an egg and then take my bones to a spot on a rock in the river.

The river a slake, giving me cool bones for this most warm day of the summer of 2017. Now breeze thru the house from squalls which brought us no rain. Maybe tomorrow a rain, but I've just finished watering the garden. A few of my cucumber plants have "the wilt" it appears - they have stopped producing. I blame the heat. They were so promising. The squash also looks poorly. Ah. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

sitting with eyes closed on the small pebbly beach at swimming hole

It is fast into the warm warm of summer, everyday seemingly Saturday at the river. The gardenia blooms on the deck and the late afternoon is lazy delight. I'm harvesting cucumbers and zucchini and beans from the garden, now having to water in the evenings as the heat floats towards 90. Pearl and True are strong fish in the river and becoming accomplished kayakers. Sofia will need to work to keep up with them. I look forward to all the cousins together. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

glossing over

I'm tired of what I tend to write here - neglecting to touch on any unsavory subject. It is partially explained by a fairly idillic life. Low stress, exacerbated by my own perusal of too many articles on FB about Herr Frumph and his minions. I can get pretty worked up by one article on global warming. Let alone the assaults on Planned Parenthood. So I make a call to my shut down, shut off, useless Tea-tard Representative, Morgan the Missing. I even call my two Democratic Senators, just to grow the head count. And today I called Lt. Gov. Northam asking him to reject two planned huge pipe lines in Southwestern Va. I wasn't able to say that I wouldn't vote for him, because I know I will do anything to stop Ed Gillespie from becoming Gov. But I did say how upset I am that he is not coming out against the pipe lines. 
I guess I fail to spend much time on my blog because I feel impotent. I feel tired of resisting. I'm glad that there are young ones becoming active! I drove all the way into Bissett Park yesterday afternoon to participate in the Chain, Chain, chain event thrown by Indivisible NRV protesting the latest Senate Health Care (not-care) Bill. I had a cow head in the car along with a new sign (Health Care is a Sacred Cow). But I turned around and came home when I failed to connect with family and I just felt suddenly alone and sad. I don't know why. Not really like me. I was glad to hear that my son and family did go and that it was well attended and fun. I felt silly. I think I have missed my vitamin D! I don't know. 
So I delight in my garden, in a walk to the river in spite of this still irksome plantar fasciitis, in playing with my super fine grandkids. I'm so lucky. I've got to get out of my comfort zone and do more for the environment, women, etc etc...YES.
right now I'll go close my chickens..

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Real Good Birthday

The evening before Pearl's 9th birthday, Baldwin and I went looking for a small kayak and finally found what we wanted at Dick's. Baldwin managed to talk the salesman down to $79 dollars for a ride on top kids kayak with paddle! We were a bit concerned that it was neon pink, unsure if Pearl would like. 
We hid the present in the shop by the tower of river floats; I later decorated it with Pearl's name and bows. Saturday morning I spent as a volunteer, directing traffic at one of the gardens on the garden tour. Arriving home by noon, I was excited to let Pearl know that she could come down to find her present from me. Her good friend Lilly was here for the party with her family and they were headed for the river. 
Pearl was delighted with the kayak as was her brother! "Awesome," she said. And off the troops went to the swimming hole to test the new ride. I went to the bottom land below the falls to wait for the flotilla of inner tubes and Pearl on her kayak. I made a circle of balanced rocks, looking up occasionally for signs of the pink ship. Wow, the paddles so bright when I saw her way ahead of the inner tubes. Lilly was balanced on the back of the kayak. They made it over the falls without tipping. Pearl is a wonderful kayaker - as is her little brother. What a wonderful addition to our boats. Now Pearl and True can venture down river with us all.