Saturday, March 30, 2019

Small Incident with Hawk

Should be photo of hawk, but I have not had a good opportunity to take one. Today Mr Li and I surprised hawk as we neared the last creek crossing before the open field by river. I didn't hear hawk but caught his/her flight as it disturbed the corner of my sight. It left a headless squirrel on the path - reminding of the headless chicken abandoned in the front yard. A serial killer's mark! Hopefully the hawk will return to the kill; if not, coyote or other animal will most probably have a treat.

Preparing for the return of family from their winter in the DR. I even scored a papaya at Aldi's - of course, silly of me, as they have been eating fresh ones almost daily. 

The photo is of the swimming hole, a new addition to the blue slate outcrop by the beach beside the swimming hole. The beach is under water or was when this picture was taken a few days ago. Yesterday I discovered the blood root - profuse colonies on the mountain below the cliffs near the hammock. The spring beauties are out in the sandy soil by the river. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Last days of March

So, so so - I haven't been sick; I've no excuse for not venturing here. Has the river run my thoughts off? Three chickens have been stolen and murdered; I am down to two, red and black. One death I blame on the hawk, whose swoop I caught right off my deck in mid afternoon. Another bird's abduction was interrupted by Mr Li, the chicken's body left in the front yard. Red feathers still mingle with the grass, the body I disposed of on a low pyre up Red Bud. Most recently in the dusk, a black hen who was prone to escaping the yard, was taken - no sign left. I think a coyote. 

Otherwise, a good month, more sun than gray (the winter has been a dark one). And no heavy snow as last year that was so destructive. I do have a continuing skin cancer saga: a squamous cell just above my right ankle (on inside) - first detected around Thanksgiving! Biopsied, than tumor dug out, than when new squamous cell tumor popped up in January, cut out - now pathology report says still cells in area of wound. I am scheduled for MOHS surgery in May and plastic surgery to close wound. Wish it might be sooner, but the doctors are busy. I may have lived too long in this skin suit.

I did complete early a 40 day lent challenge to dispose of 40 items in house. But I am behind in my effort to write a poem a day. Seems my priorities have become domesticated? My paper-mache piece I began in September is as it was in November when once I worked on it. Am I uninspired and dispassionate, or just old and dull? Or despairing of the world?