Wednesday, July 23, 2014

sick dog

Mr. Lee has been sick, hang dog no firm back legs to stand on sick. I, of course, am tail down too. He apparently has survived a sudden bacterial infection which nearly took out his kidneys. His kidney function is now in the normal range (much to the vet's amazement). About a month ago I took him to the vet with a fever, trembling and straining. Signs I now learn are symptoms of back pain. Unsure of a diagnosis, we went home.. I tried some homeopathy and he rebounded - literally bounding. But it was short lived and 2 weeks later I returned to vets after he vomited several times. This time antibiotics were prescribed and a urine sample which showed crystals in the urine and blood cells and raging bacterial infection.
Treated with antibiotics and a few homeopathic remedies, again he rebounded. He seemed in great shape Sunday. Then Monday morning he wouldn't eat and his back seemed in pain and his abdomen was tight with spasms. We changed antibiotics and I brought in a new urine sample. But by Tuesday he was no better and I brought him into the vets for x-ray and ultrasound. The vet is convinced that he has a back issue and sent him home with two pain meds and a muscle relaxer. I am trying homeopathy and the medication - hoping to wean him off the prescriptions. He's sleeping at my feet. He ate very well this morning! But he can's stand up for more that a minute before his rear legs collapse. Nevertheless, I have to keep him from trying to manage stairs.
I suspect it is a good afternoon for a nap.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rain come

Whatever hoodoo or undo, we got rain - almost an inch. What was parched lawn greens. The garden drinks deeper than my watering allows. It deserves a dance, though I have not. And my dear little dog is regaining strength after a bout of food poisoning - although my vet and I are unsure of the cause of his discomfort. Another cause for dance.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

just here

Ok, I'm trying to begin being here after a month hiatus I hadn't planned. My dog is sick from what I think was food from yesterday's 4th of July dinner - too many goodies from human plates? I'm blaming the key lime pie; though it was umptous, not, I suspect, good for a dog's digestive tract. I haven't taken a walk in this dry aching blue sky day. But since Mr. Lee is sleeping I think I will take Mojo for a walk since he is visiting and not suffering from stomach issues.
I've a broody hen. She is the grey Cooper Marans who lurks in the hen house, jumping into a nest with egg the minute it is vacated. She was nesting last night too. Finally the new Americana hen is venturing out and yesterday I got an egg from her.
I aim to work on my writing project, but am overwhelmed at the mental baggage slowing me down. Aim to proceed jumping the imaginary hurdles. Began reading my sister's diary for 1960; amazed at how skewed my memory is. More on that here. Later.

Friday, July 4, 2014

June somehow happened, but not here


progression lost to lulling waves I am
fashioning a castle – too close to the breakers;
Flamboyant long seed pods for bridge
coral for the windows,
I consider the poison apples of the Manchineel
for decoration, this sand
house will fall
and form
under the coconut palms.
My son with his daughter hugging on
rises and falls in the waves,
as I must have
and did
am now in tandem.
Delineation grows feeble with age I
the collapse of time.