Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lost October

Maybe not the whole month, but a good chunk is gone, as are most of the leaves, with my eyes on my computer screen. Many days have been grey, too many for my spirits liking. I've fallen into a quasi addiction to The Voice; I don't know why: the camaraderie of the judges, the music (?), tears, the possible steal. Vapidity. I was glad that the blue house was at the beach and missed four days of drizzle. 
Finally, I have nearly solidified my schedule for poll greeters on Election Day - the only black hole spinning in Pilot. I exaggerate. Next year, I have vowed, I will gladly help someone else do this job. 
I suspect that I will wake to frost and no more Impatiens; this morning ice covered the windshield of the truck, the deck was slick, some of the zinnia's petals burned. I filled the house with flowers from the blue house. The air was clear blue blue. Working on a case, interesting one, pulling out my folder of Herscu letters and reading up on Veratrum Album.
And this evening Ez and Sofia on Skype; Sofia saying, "nanee" and kissing the screen. I kissed the screen too, then pressed my cheek to my screen! ha! 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

if you want something done...

ask someone who is busy. NO, wrong. At least not this busy person who is  overwhelmed by political call lists, a looming election with looney tea party candidates for governor to local supervisor and needy volunteer duties nagging me around the house in sleep and at night! Considering that the government is partially shut down thanks to the Republicans who want the Affordable Care Act to collapse; one might legitimately wonder if an election even f***ing matters. Obama was re-elected; nevertheless a wing of the Republican party has managed to get its way on Capitol Hill. I blame Boehner who will not bring the Senate bill to a vote in the House. Ach-Do. No doubt there is money in it for him; money can buy a state in the US now, as Pope his done in NC. I'd rather pull a blanket over my head and read a book, or work in my overgrown garden, work on writing - anything than call names on a sheet who if not already angry enuf to vote maybe shouldn't vote as they may be leaning tea-wards. Last night I had a glass of wine and stopped calling. Looks like a plan - reward.