Sunday, January 29, 2012


Last night I ate bear! A meat loaf that Alma brought over she had made from ground bear and ground venison which were both shot on her land this fall. The she bear was one of a pair munching on Alma's windfall apples who turned belligerent. The male bear, Alma hazards, was the one who took a bite out of her bumper - seriously, I have seen it! And one evening attacked one of the chicken pens, taking off the top and eating one of her roosters. Alma called local wild life managers who do not relocate bears; their advice was to shoot it. Alma's neighbor did - that's when they discovered there were two, not just one bear. The loaf was interesting with some home canned tomatoes on top and cornbread; I made Alma a green smoothie in place of salad. And Alma brought some of her black raspberries. We ate too much.
This afternoon I am sipping a second seeping of green tea leaves. The first seeping filled the three gold leaf china cups from my great grandmother which Diane and Susan and I used. It was a wonderful visit, catching up with each other; Susan's trip and Diane's healing journey and my plan to visit Machu Picchu! I sent them home with eggs; the hollow, though, is a bit sad. Mr. Lee must have picked up on the gloom and began to nose into the bucket which houses inside balls which DD and I play with. I went to look at what he was doing after he managed to get one ball out. Ah, there were the two balls with squeakers which I'd given him for Christmas. Now Mojo is happily playing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Multo Egg Day

Yesterday, lovely warm and TEN eggs (one broken in the nest - I'm unsure whether with intent or accident). I can now peek in the chicken house at closing and assess the crowd without struggling to count and recount until I get to 20! I'm becoming familiar with the lot, a lovely mix of hens which I note delight Mahoney rooster. I've gathered a bucket of dry pine needles for the nest as there is much rearranging by the hens, scattering the nesting box contents.
Most exciting planning for the end of May; one of my friends (she and I and my twin were the "three musketeers" in elementary school - and Mary Louise lived just a couple of blocks from the best snow ball place in New Orleans) called the other night and mentioned that she was thinking of going to Machu Picchu! I without hesitation asked to join her trip - of all the places in the world, this is one place I would most like to see. Now we have a date, May 24-31st - right before the tourist season begins there. Mary Louise speaks Spanish and so does the woman planning the trip - so I will be in good company.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

too lovely outside to dither

I had planned to be here more often; yesterday and today, sunshine and 50's tempted me away. I am soaking my throat in the morning sun thru the glass doors in the kitchen. I do Qigong in the sun spot. When the dogs and I trudge up to the blue house, I do Qigong in the direct sun by the green house as it is usually a warm windless spot and I swing on the way home on the "mood swings."
Happy. And today my new boots for mucking about; sorry for the photograph being such a blur but I couldn't use the flash with the mirror and my old camera doesn't allow me to set it up for a picture (no timer).
A baby and mother come out for homeopathic consultation; precious not yet toddling baby girl who smiled and waved from her mom's lap. You wouldn't know that she's not much of a sleeper, waking every 3 or 4 hours; I noted her red lips. She's curious, loves to explore; looks like Sulphur will help! (She's also had cradle cap and rash over much of the lower body.)
Clouds are gathering this afternoon.
Five eggs today!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

lament in winter

I don't want to remove my clothes
I don't perspire much, I'm old
I've left behind fever
I've small defense against cold

I pretend the green house is tropical
limes and lemon blossoms collude
if I slept here as does my cat
clothes might be optional

I go to bed with socks and sweater
stripping as I warm to flannel sheets
in the morning I can dress before embarking
from the heat of the night nest

Friday, January 20, 2012

Not talking politics

There is too much chat on news about campaigning; why do we settle for this? Television stations seem to love the money from ads, and now the money from Pacs. What most horrifies me, is the poor caliber of candidates - and the extent of fabrications. It tires me. Yet, I am going to lunch to meet with the action committee of the league of women voters to discuss issues which the league might want consider for "action." I think the issue is how to act. I'm not so sure that letters to the editor are very effective; too few people get their news from newspapers. I guess that many folks get their "news" at church! This is a problem - a travesty. grrrrrrrrr

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Green stains

Green smoothies have stained the rubber gasket on my blender, now my sleeve and I can imagine other clothes in the future considering my carelessness in the kitchen. My intestines must be taking on a chartreuse tint; but why would I even consider that? Smoothie junkie that I have become, I find that thinking of new concoctions is part of my routine. Almost wadded into the water cress to see if I could salvage some leaves from the frost - but I needed my rubber boots.
Mojo has taken advantage of the closer proximity of this house to the rotting deer caucus at the river and we met him coming back from the river as we (Irie and Mr. Lee and I) were ambling down. At least he doesn't smell of carrion; where are the vultures when I need them? Alaska cat was taking the sun on the porch when we arrived at the Blue house, he purred hello after ducking from Mr. Lee's advances. All is well and green!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the left behind

12 hens, 2 doggies, 1 aging cat all becoming acclimated to grandmother's house and coop; except for Alaska cat who is hanging out in snug green house at blue house. In preparation for Irie and Mojo, Mr. Lee and I dismantled the Christmas tree. I enjoyed the slow process of wrapping ornaments and carefully packing them into one box until next year. Wondering if either of my sons will want this box or if they will quickly allot it to Good Will. Baldwin and Mindy don't have a tree and Jen and Ezra stick with silver and blue - certainly not the eclectic mix contained in my ornament box! But I have ornaments that Ez and Baldwin made, and even some from my mother. Then again I'm not a stickler for tradition; I'll just have to live long enough to tire of the Christmas tree; or begin celebrating Christmas in a warmer spot. The travelers came down for dinner Monday night and as you can see from the not so good photo, had a difficult time buttoning coats! Lucky for them they won't be wearing coats for 6 weeks! It is delight to imagine them in the sun and all swimmy and full of fresh papaya, avocado, mango - etc!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lean Lunch in Giles

Blue taxi picked up Elizabeth and Diane in Blacksburg and ventured out 460 to Giles where Pat was hosting lunch for her son, Robin, a recent University of Berkeley grad. Pat's sun flooded house was healing, I savored it along with appetizers of rice crackers with avocado slice and slice of olive. A glass of sangria, mercifully not too strong was awfully tasty. Robin has weathered wonderfully at just 40! Our children are 40!!!!!!!!!! Lunch was a tasty light cole slaw and buffalo meat balls, a fine addition to my green smoothies.
Mr. Lee and I watched football in the evening, an unusual event, which deteriorated into barking and screaming at the screen! What an exciting playoff between 49ers and Saints. We didn't make it through the Denver game, figuring New England was playing far too well.
And to my surprise this morning, snow.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day Four

Well, I began yesterday morning with the salt water, decided I was not going to do it another morning (did note from the book that I could substitute a cup of Senna tea - which I will do in future if I ever try again). Made it to teach Qigong with a container of lemonade, which is also losing any remnant of good taste - if that could have been said of it. The church room was cold, remained cold; we did our sets with coats on! Afterwards with some mounting glee I went to Kroger to collect the weaning off food: oranges (clementines), kiwis, bananas, pears, avocados, two bags of spinach, broccoli, romaine. Emptied what remained of my lemonade in the quart measuring cup and squeezed 3 Clementines. It was sooooo good. Breaking the fast! Best part! For the afternoon I made my first green smoothie: banana, 1/2 kiwi, fresh arugula and beet greens from the garden and some spinach, juice of clementine. What's not to like? I suspect this is what I need to cure my cough and what seems to be bronchitis. For dinner I concocted the following: avocado, key lime juice, garlic, green pepper, spinach (lots), clementine juice and a bit of water. I'm a believer.
I woke up this morning thinking about my breakfast smoothie. A rather simple one, banana, apple, juice of clementine and lots of spinach with the remaining arugula from my garden. I am already looking forward to lunch.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Rainy, just painted grey, day. Brightness of granddaughter lifted my spirits this morning; now this afternoon and the lemonade drags. Did find some nettle tea in the cupboard and feel it is helping to get me moving. I'm off to Blacksburg this afternoon to lead a small group in Qigong who are in need of a class since Robin is moving and too busy. I am wanting some food I can chew! I am wanting at least a green smoothie which sounds better than a fudge sunday at this point. An avocado would be luscious, an artichoke, divine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day two of hard core

Well, stomach rumbling is part of the day; and it is only day 2 since i can't really count the two days of salt water and lemonade that also included some grapes, a pear and soup each night which "eased" me into the fasting. I wish I could stomach the 32 ounces of salt water in the mornings with less repulsion. After yesterdays gloomy light rain day, Mr. Lee and I are looking forward to a long walk - the forecast for tomorrow is for heavy rain, so today will be double walk. I found that one of my amaryllis plants has a flower shooting up and I brought it in from the green house.
I find that the word "walk" is irritating to me today; I think I shall say amble. Amble fits what I do and is more salubrious a word. Walk seems to have intent and focus, which I don't for a walk. Perhaps I am beginning to emotionally purge!

Monday, January 9, 2012

other than food

I know I have just begun this fast or "cleanse" and it is hugely presumptuous to write as if I have accomplished piddle squat, but it seemed auspicious this morning after Qigong to find at the grocery 4 kinds of lemon/limes! Did they know I was living off lemonade? I whisked thru the store with my key limes, Meyer lemons and normal limes and lemons. I did not idle over the breads fresh from the oven, nor follow the gaze of the man hovering over the sushi. I don't ever buy doughnuts, but I felt proud that I didn't buy one today! I did add an avocado to my stash, figuring it just might last a week. It wasn't until I was home with my citrus and took off my coat and scarf that I pawed at my chest. Where was my down vest? Spacey! Yes, but I remembered exactly where I left it at the church where we do Qigong. Gleefully Mr. Lee joined me for a ride to recover the item.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

for tomorrow

a picture to begin the day, to begin the fast

lemons and salt

Baldwin has a bowl, a large bowl of lemons, he's prepared; he sent me home with four just so I can get through today! But I think I'm doing well enuf this second day moving slowly into master cleanse. My only solid food today was 1/2 a pear I just ate in preparation of walk to river with Mr. Lee. I left Mindy cleaning every window in their house - so clear I almost walked thru one. It is an idea I may take up as I've vacuumed as much as necessary today. Projects necessary to replace all the time (I had no idea) spent thinking of food, cooking food and eating food. I know I am a grazer. Clouds have thickened from pebbles to choppy seas. A good time to walk.
Tonight I am having a small bowl of soup as I did last night; last solid food for a week - maybe! Planning on an Epson Salt bath this evening after I close up the chickens. Reading Bob Dylan's Chronicles vol 1 which mercifully speaks rarely of food.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

catching the high

Now I know it must take a deep drought of denial to be even considering doing a "master cleanse" at my spry age of 66, but my son's bouncy bright eyed presence has conned me. This along with the fact that Baldwin was only sick for 3 or 4 days with the rhino virus that Mindy and I are still recovering from after 10 days. Mr.Lee and I have just returned from Harvest Moon in Floyd for organic grade B maple syrup and probiotics (for the 3rd day after the cleanse). I began the morning with what I am assuming will be the most difficult aspect of the cleanse, 32 ounces of sea salt water - gag. I'm using Himalayan sea salt, nevertheless the last 2 glasses are difficult. I've made up a batch of lemonade (lemon or lime juice with maple syrup and cayenne) - this is delicious. That's all that is needed for 10 days - plus all the herb tea you want. Today, I am planning on eating the vegetable soup i made yesterday - so I won't go into the no solid food dimension until tomorrow. Should be interesting! Living alone has the advantage of not having to watch anyone else cook and eat when you are not. I don't think cat and dog food will entice me to brake my the regime.
Another warmish lovely how can it be winter day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Whose Doll House?

Katrina seems to have a bit of cabin fever and we're only having thin bouts of snow flurries. Today she allowed photographs of her play. Grandpa got the paw; yesterday it was several of the kids on the rug. If you look closely you can see the gray paw going for grandpa's leg.
I admire Katrina's delight with toys, she's playing with the three gold fish catnip toys now.

the misery of the common cold

First of all the name, common cold, just doesn't fit the breath and depth of the misery associated with the syndrome. There is so little that eases the symptoms or shortens the duration of suffering. The rhino virus takes hold and endures in spite of best efforts or at least, my best efforts! I do like the mucus monster of Mucinex; I also like an evening shot of Rum or Bourbon with lemon and honey. I like soup and fruit. I like, like a cat, sitting in a spot of sun.
But I dislike waking in the morning to hawk the globes of sticky thick yellow green gook, blow blood from nose, stagger upright with only the thin memory of sleep. I look for remedies, but seem to be a step behind; Kali-bic helping the night after the troubling New Year's Eve of three rude awakenings. And although what appears to be a very irritated epiglottis which can prompt agonizing spasms of coughing unto vomiting, Ipecapec didn't help at all. I give into the dim world of convalescing. I over dress to venture out for short walk with Mr Lee. I do small bouts of qigong. Oh, what a sorry begin to 2012; but it can only go UP from here!