Friday, June 26, 2009

watering the garden

mr turtle in the cucumbers while John was watering this evening, i relocated him to the creek. the warm days necessitate watering, but this is the first year ever (in 35+) that i've had cucumbers in June and tomatoes! Yellow squash soon big enuf and looks like a good bean year. The oddest thing is the almost nonexistent blackberry crop on bottoms - very very strange. I think it was the late frost at flowering time; Baldwin and John think the heavy rains. tomorrow we're driving to Beckeley for John's high school reunion; should be a beaufiul time to drive up.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lovely afternoon

So salubrious as to imagine forever this sun, light breeze, 80 degrees; however, Dad says it feels like 114 in Ocean Springs and that feeling is spreading north. I will enjoy this day for everyone in Hades today.
Is it because we have to learn - soul learn - to mature and have to play again the theme we hung up on before, that this world seems in endless strife? So war plays in the many theaters of the globe, and some of us are spared - though we are unsure why (flat feet spirit?). And if we are not armed for combat, I guess we still battle none the less. I know i do, not only weeds in the garden, but stray persistent thoughts eroding confidence and diligence. Though often my mind is blank and slower to respond; I still can fire off retort i would rather have not thought.
So I walk.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

here's a link

If anyone out there needs some background noise, here's a link to Father's Day interview , "Art and Spirit"of myself, Noelle Dijoud, Kelly Sisson, Brad Bizzel. Noelle is a yoga teacher in Blacksburg who began dancing as a young girl in Paris. Kelly is minister at Glade church, a wonderful potter and delightful soul. And Brad who was a principal at Belview, speaks about making art with his special needs son Eric. It was fun, too quick - so much sparked, so much to say - or perhaps to paint or to dance, or to meditate over!

Monday, June 22, 2009


surprised in the garden to find two fat cucumbers, sliced the largest for salad, putting the two end pieces on my eyes. and in the picture is the last lime from last year's crop; now there are oodles of babies. Wish I had a picture of grandbaby in her baba's hands at the river in absolute delight as he tossed her up in the air! what glee for this beautiful halcyon day

way up

This is a view, Kingsley's first hike in Colorado. This morning in Virginia it feels like clear Colorado air. Hello! Ezra reports that Kingsley hiked the whole way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

first gardinia

I noticed that the chickens were massed at the door to their house and I speculated that the black snake we think stole eggs day before yesterday was back. Ah, Yes he/she was, all 6 feet! I cornered the snake and yelled for John. I'm no good at killing, though, I imagine if John wasn't here, I might try to bag the snake and relocate. Snake is dead; here's a gardinia in memory and I'm off to Blacksburg!

radio interview WUVT

Today, father's day and my mother's birthday, my friend Diane is going to interview me and three others on WUVT - "Art and Spirit." Of course, Diane asks and I say YES as I did the first time i met her 30 odd years ago and found myself naked in my corn field! Luckily this is radio and as long as i keep the four letter words in line, it will be OK. I can read some poems and talk about how I came to study homeopathy; as with poetry, it was a personal motivation. I'll be curious to hear what i say! ha.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

from this past weekend

As I mentioned in earlier blog, Robin Murphy ND, spoke of a North Carolina man who is having success curing people of terminal cancer with a warmed solution of maple syrup and baking soda. There is also a hospital in Rome that is using IVs of baking soda to cure cancers. Baking soda alkalizes the body which makes the body inhospitable to cancers; cancer needs an acidic environment to thrive - and loves sugar. Robin was hypothesizing that the maple syrup works as a delivery system for the baking soda; candy with poison inside - poison to cancer cells! (the ratio of baking soda to maple syrup is 1:3; heat for 5 minutes)
Amazing what we already have in our homes that can heal us - or harm us! I wonder if people realize how acidic most of their diet is and how important it is to eat fresh organic or locally grown vegetables and fruits. I think Edgar Casey said that all canned food is acidic, meat, dairy (though i think that raw milk is ok?), breads, sweets.

fire again

I'm not saying that the angry one is responsible for the disintegration of a relationship, it definitely takes two. However the angry one needs to step back and look at the anger. What's going on here? Anger escalates - and can be so f------- righteous. I've fingered out this much about my own kind of ire: I'm mad at polluters, I'm mad at chemical corporation who have pushed herbicides and insecticides, I'm mad at all of us who are hurting ourselves and the Earth. I'm upset with us for hurting our own bodies. So I must be angry at suicides; although I have wanted to respect that choice, I have finally had to be angry. Angry at my sister and father for choosing to kill themselves even though they had such little choice. What help was there for war shock in 1948; or for my sister in 1962 for manic depression? But I needed to be angry and I wasn't. So NOW I'm angry. Watch out!

notes on anger

this morning I could not get the screen to POST, so i ended up writing a document which now will not cut and paste to here, why i don't know. Basically I was talking on ANGER and what it can reek on self and relationship. Anger that wants an object, projecting onto the nearest and dearest being. For me when I came home after 3 months caring for my mother dying of lung cancer, I was angry. My periods had stopped; I was a 49 year old angry mother. First I made a plan and stopped smoking; no help, just on my own.But I was still angry. I attacked my partner's habbit,"I didn't stop smoking just to die of passive smoke!" He said he'd stop, but it has been 15 years and he's still got "his best friend." I don't like my anger locks. Why am i so pissed off?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My bay magnolia

The magnolia is thriving in this rain. I'm working on a list of remedies for the home, a better medicine cabinet. It would behoove people to throw out (not flush down toilet) all prescription drugs; especially families with children. There is an epidemic of prescription drugs in the schools. We don't need them - most all of them are unnecessary. There are better home remedies and homeopathic remedies. Baking soda is perhaps one of the most amazing wide acting items in the home. Many of us know that a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with a little water can alkalize the system, great for indigestion! A little baking soda and vinegar makes a fine poltice for bee stings.In a wonderful seminar last weekend the homeopath, naturopath, eclectic healer, Robin Murphy spoke of a retired truck driver, herbalist who is curing late stage cancers with a warmed mixtrue of maple syrup and baking soda. Cayenne pepper can stop a heart attack. Someday historians will marvel over the pharmaceutical giants of this day and perhaps see this as another power move similar I think to the murder of witches in Europe when the church sought to take over the art of healing and herbalism. In this case the phamaceuticals used marketing via the great brain wash medium of TV to persuade the general population of the need to seek a drug for any and all complaints. What a boone for the Drug Companies to realize the secondary benefits of drug induced maladies; eg. folks on high blood pressure meds who become depressed. Note the "side effects" of drugs is a list of provings; homeopaths know this as they did the first drug provings. ach.....................

another rainy day

Lucky for me, there's a daily parade that cheers even the gray days and gets me running after the goats who love to devour anything that you want them to avoid! This is the Queen of the parade.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I find I am naive about doodlebugs. Armored yes, but nasty munchers of delicate flower leaves I had not imagined. But instead of a slug problem, i've a doodlebug problem. They devistated in one night most of the leaves of my pink/green leaf annuals, and even ate the leaves off the marigolds. They seem to be massing on this flower pot to get out of the saturated ground and they don't like impatients - at least not so far!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The TIN Coop

John nailed up my sign for the chicken coop, sign isn't crooked, my picture is! River is high but not so muddy; the creek's mouth is very changed, cleaned out of leaf debris. Too wet to plant my soy beans and okra. Lazy day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Two noisy thunder storms this evening and the second one had hail which iced down the eggplants on the porch along with everything swimmy in garden. Water down John's just graded road! Hope it hasn't washed out again. One inch of rain in the two storms turning the river, i suppose, mudlucious again. The beach has been transformed from the high river last week, sand taken elsewhere. Very very wet out, the green house gravel is yet to dry out. Cool and cozy in the house waiting for the chickens to roost!

why the snow world

This spring I have been negligent of my blog; thinking it might be the snow world opening, I almost changed the picture. I did not (obviously) because I can't choose from the daily changing world of spring/summer - every day is beautiful, especially since we have come out of a several year drought. Noon is retreat time from the heat; good time for blog blah blah blog! Today I voted in the democratic primary; the turn out in District D is scant; I suspect because all three candidates for governor are good. I voted for Deeds after vascillating between him and Moran. I will work for whoever wins; though I think almost as important for my area is the representative race between Nutter and Peggy Frank. We need more democrates in Va. house. I'd like to see some Greens! Here comes my cat, Katrina, bounding up to my chair and nudging to be petted - she's the cat in the snow world. My two old male cats are sleeping (Griffin is 14 and Greystroke is older tho we're not sure by how much).
this morning there was a poignant scene on the gravel road: a handsome black cat looking at the body of a white cat. I am fortunate to live 4/10th of a mile from the road; although I managed to run over one of my dogs on my driveway. Pathetic Austin (a Chesapeake Bay with displasure) had eaten something and nearly died a month before; I almost think that he purposefully got under my tires as I rushed one morning to work. He was never a happy puppy and would growl when you would try to pick him up to move him from a chair. Nevertheless it was horrible to roll over him.
Guess I will umph myself to finish the mulching job I started earlier!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Enough sun to inspire more hikers to see the big red brown river.

lots of rain

View from the spring house of our creek fat from 4 inches of rain on saturated ground. Hiked down this morning to check out the big red chocolate river. Our road is miserably rutted and a creek runs thru the pines and infront of the house.