Sunday, August 30, 2009

the heart knows no bounds

DD tried out several chairs this morning, strode through the dewy grass, helped me remove the sheets on the bed in the studio and pontificated on the state of summer and the quality of cat fur! Oh favorite of toes, she loves walking on the gravel drive way - barefeet - while Nanee goes, "slower." She points and I name, never sure if name matches direction of pointer...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


We didn't have goldenrod in New Orleans. But at my grandmother's in August, the sight of goldenrod signified the end of summer in Pennsylvania - and i didn't want to go home. I wanted to see what winter was like; i wanted to sit by the fireplace as we did occasionally if unseasonable cold in July. And i loved the solitude of the house at the end of the road in the very small (pop. under 200) village of Upper Leehigh.

George in her new bed

Sleeping the sleep of no fleas ! The puzzlement is, why are dogs prone to flea allergies; is it too many vaccinations ?
Yummy dinner last night with Alma: silver queen corn, roasted green beans, tomato salad - all from garden, corn bread, sausage and Alma's wonderful blackberry cobbler. a Thanksgiving fullness in my stomach.
Another delightful Friday morning with my grand girl - walking all by herself! what sweetness to share the view of this world from a 13month old - from the rug in my living room, we looked at each painting and sculpture and i was amazed at what stories were held in each piece!

Monday, August 24, 2009

would not say too much

speaking of rain: knowing that the water table benefits and imagine never too much, but rain has been the order of the day that i am wondering when i will wash clothes, if that is mildew in the grass, whether John will play golf, when the river will be swimy again,if i should give up on growing sweet peppers, and so on. Walked up the saddle of Red Bud to look for the wild plum trees that Baldwin said were bountiful. Found one, indeed heavy with plums - though none quite ripe. Katrina cat followed me, bounding through the high field grass. A score of locust trees have sprouted in all this summer rain and the slope threatens to be overgrown and impassable by tractor soon - the responsibility of acreage!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

goat duty

while Baldwin and Mindy and DD are in Charlotte, i've got goat duty - taking advantage of high speed Internet while Mojita, Pablo and loose Sonresa graze on chains until i get up to walk them and Mojo to the river. Goats being goats, i guess to have coaxed two out of three onto chain was good - they do love the walk; the tricky part of which is to get by my house without the devistation of flora - they've already eaten most of a red minature lilac and another shrub whose name eludes me.preserving
still tasting the delicious strawberry float i had yesterday at party for Robin Murphy - and very interested to see some of Robin's poems.
i guess i should move these old bones, tired from picking beans this morning! i must think of another way of preserving them besides canning - after walk search on Internet!

Monday, August 10, 2009

the finale

Since August 1st the hollow has hosted Ezra, Jennicksa and Kingsley! What happiness to my heart to have my sons within sight and hug. This morning, 10th, Ez and Jen and Kingsley drove off to Pittsburgh to catch planes back to Denver - I am cleaning my oven in an effort to keep from idle sad thoughts. They had a wonderful time on the river yesterday as Baldwin guided them. Mindy and I were jealous not to be on the river with them, but I did enjoy time with grand daughter at her house and at the river. Ez and Jen will be busy packing up for their move to Denver within the next two weeks - and I will look forward to seeing them in November or December. Until then, the garden aches for attention and I float the New with friends of Tuesday!