Friday, September 25, 2015

Today on my river walk

I didn't have a camera to take a picture of the Hearts a Bursting, but i will hope to capture a photo to add to this post this weekend, in spite of the possibility of rain. I did on the path to the swimming hole (though I wasn't going to swim, because of chill and head cold), find hickory nuts, strange small black pecans and oyster mushrooms! Baldwin has discovered how delicious the hickory nuts are, especially the ones from the shag bark hickory. I've been wanting to taste them, they smell wonderful, vanilla-isn. The squirrels so quickly eat or hide them that they are not that easily discovered. We have many hickory trees; I am surprised we haven't harvested more nuts. The vast majority of the nuts here are black walnuts, terribly  difficult to crack. I have a battle trying to keep the seedlings from garden and even under the deck.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


True was three in August; he has leapt into three with every cell firing. He swallows vocabulary like seedless grapes; he has us giggling daily at his use of new words. Running or Baba's shoulders are his only transportation options. His intent sees no obstacles. He falls. But he hugs so dearly when comforted! Today on the island below the falls, he brought his mom a sand birthday cake with a small plant on top which he noted was the candle. Sweet energy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

rainy day gray

And all that goes with that: sniffles and low. Pleasant walk to the river where the spice bushes  display their bright red berries under the canopy of large riparian hard woods. My slight stack of rocks near one Baldwin made out from the mouth of the creek is holding against the rain swollen river. It was such a big treat to have my "boys" here with their families - I am still smiling on that and
all that goes with that! So I teeter between joy and sadness. Fairly maintaining a mid-ground.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trying to Idle Summer

Two three year olds in the house; first they want each other's toys, then they push and shove. Suddenly they hug. Luckily I had my camera. Cousins with energy abundant and delightful ways with language. We've had visitors all of August and now into September I have my sons together.