Sunday, December 10, 2017

an angle in

The second day of living in snow world saw melting, even what was  my sled run. I'm relieved that the snow is passing; 50 cents urged his hens out; I drove up and down the road with Mr. Lee in the truck - the road good for Subaru, not yet for Prius. Perhaps the road will clear before the bitter cold due on Tuesday with possibility of more snow. A very cold forecast for mid-week, but 50's are back by the weekend! Ann has organized dinner at Palisades Wednesday night to celebrate birthday. 
I've almost completed a puzzle of cows (cow sculptures painted by artists, from sudo-Picasso to sudo-vanGogh). Mr. Lee and I walked up to the blue house, looking for deer to run - or Mr. Lee was. I can imagine a puzzle business which would for a reasonable price transform your own pictures into puzzles - it seems like it could be done cheaply. Though this picture would not be fun to puzzle. 
Behind my daily routine runs an inner dialogue, trying to figure a way to stop the Republican methodical dismantling of the federal government. It is excruciating to watch. And for the last week Los Angeles burns - to horrid to watch. And all the while I am in my snow globe with books and puzzle and my dear dog and cat, 10 chickens and art.

Friday, December 8, 2017

A Reading, flurries and chilblains

Chelsea Adams and Parks Lanier asked me to join them for a poetry reading with Kevin McDaniel at a coffee shop in Pulaski. Kevin is a young former student of Chelsea's and of Park's. He's quite good and I liked his poems. Chelsea read mostly from her fine Coffee poems, fitting for the setting and Parks read some very wonderfully funny poems. I was hesitant to follow with my choice of heavy pieces. But it seemed ok with the small audience. Diane and Elizabeth and Jack came which was a treat for me! Parks remembered that years ago (35+) when he and I and Chelsea read at University Mall, Blacksburg - I had read a poem with fuck in it and the mall had hooked us to a loud speaker which traveled everywhere including where Santa was holding court. The rest of the poets were banished to the bank to finish the reading! The memory was kindled as I read a poem "Below Sea Level" with the words, "fucking shit." Parks also remembered that when I first met him I had said that his Sydney Lanier ancestor had known my poet ancestor Paul Hamilton Hayne. 
Now I am trying to keep my fingers warm in the house with flurries and icy particles falling all about the house. Jennicksa sent pictures of snow in Houston! Sharon texts from Ocean Springs that it is sleeting a bit north of her. I suspect I'll not go to town to join Chris and Elizabeth at the movies - phooey. And I've eggs that need distribution. I have deduced that I suffer from chilblains, fingers and toes suffer from the cold by swelling and turning red and sometimes developing small blisters. I'm taking a homeopathic remedy (Agaracus) and trying to keep warm - gloves on inside - except now as I try to type. I think I need seriously to consider more time away in the winter. I am so rooted to this place, but not all of my physical self agrees with its associated weather. 
And here's a photo of big head reading! ha.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I have no excuse

I do think about being here. Obviously I have failed to follow through on that thought. I did double up on grandma time in October in preparation for the annual departure of son and family for the DR. And I did spend time scheduling poll greeters for the 5 precincts in District D which I oversee for the Democrats. The good news is that we won the governors race and succeeded in winning 13 or more house seats (recounts in process). Very big cause for celebration. But summer is over, and I have a new coat and several pairs of LuLaRoe tights to keep me warm this winter. I need to get a ticket to DR for January and maybe a ticket to Houston in December for a long weekend. I have some puzzles. I have books. I can feel myself moving into a low toleration gear. Endurance. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Figs 2017

There were seven this year, beautiful. 
Like the figs, many delicious days this summer.
I will remember
all winter.

Monday, July 24, 2017

River Heaven

True has transformed into a river otter and Pearl has taken to kayak explorer - it is a delight to watch them. I have been favoring the river off from the mouth of our creek, rock sitting and river walking - happily falling into deeper spots.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last of the Day Lilies

I climbed over the chicken yard fence to see if perchance there was a nest of eggs as I've been getting only 3 eggs a day. No nest. The diminished numbers must be due to heat and one broody hen. Chance of rain today, however I don't see any evidence yet. And the last of my day lilies are blooming. Mid summer, dog days, and I am anxious to get into the river as much as I can. Lucky me, I can fan my ire at Frump reading articles posted on FB and then go soak in the river until mellow. Attempting to stock pile energy to fight for the Environment in this dangerous time. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Grumbling in the sky, hen on the nest panting

and I was just on my way to the river, now hesitating. My dog delighted with a surprise frozen rib from a past cook out. It is hot out. Hot enough that the blooms on the gardenia, in spite of frequent watering, seem to faint. 
I don't know how my broody hen manages the warm coop most all day (tho I toss her out whenever I visit). A few days ago I surprised her pecking at a snake in the adjoining nest box! I have still not turned on my a/c as the nights cool down and fans are quite sufficient. And unlike the hen house, my house has insulation. 
The possible cloud burst has past with but a meager spit. I'm going to check for an egg and then take my bones to a spot on a rock in the river.

The river a slake, giving me cool bones for this most warm day of the summer of 2017. Now breeze thru the house from squalls which brought us no rain. Maybe tomorrow a rain, but I've just finished watering the garden. A few of my cucumber plants have "the wilt" it appears - they have stopped producing. I blame the heat. They were so promising. The squash also looks poorly. Ah. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

sitting with eyes closed on the small pebbly beach at swimming hole

It is fast into the warm warm of summer, everyday seemingly Saturday at the river. The gardenia blooms on the deck and the late afternoon is lazy delight. I'm harvesting cucumbers and zucchini and beans from the garden, now having to water in the evenings as the heat floats towards 90. Pearl and True are strong fish in the river and becoming accomplished kayakers. Sofia will need to work to keep up with them. I look forward to all the cousins together. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

glossing over

I'm tired of what I tend to write here - neglecting to touch on any unsavory subject. It is partially explained by a fairly idillic life. Low stress, exacerbated by my own perusal of too many articles on FB about Herr Frumph and his minions. I can get pretty worked up by one article on global warming. Let alone the assaults on Planned Parenthood. So I make a call to my shut down, shut off, useless Tea-tard Representative, Morgan the Missing. I even call my two Democratic Senators, just to grow the head count. And today I called Lt. Gov. Northam asking him to reject two planned huge pipe lines in Southwestern Va. I wasn't able to say that I wouldn't vote for him, because I know I will do anything to stop Ed Gillespie from becoming Gov. But I did say how upset I am that he is not coming out against the pipe lines. 
I guess I fail to spend much time on my blog because I feel impotent. I feel tired of resisting. I'm glad that there are young ones becoming active! I drove all the way into Bissett Park yesterday afternoon to participate in the Chain, Chain, chain event thrown by Indivisible NRV protesting the latest Senate Health Care (not-care) Bill. I had a cow head in the car along with a new sign (Health Care is a Sacred Cow). But I turned around and came home when I failed to connect with family and I just felt suddenly alone and sad. I don't know why. Not really like me. I was glad to hear that my son and family did go and that it was well attended and fun. I felt silly. I think I have missed my vitamin D! I don't know. 
So I delight in my garden, in a walk to the river in spite of this still irksome plantar fasciitis, in playing with my super fine grandkids. I'm so lucky. I've got to get out of my comfort zone and do more for the environment, women, etc etc...YES.
right now I'll go close my chickens..

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Real Good Birthday

The evening before Pearl's 9th birthday, Baldwin and I went looking for a small kayak and finally found what we wanted at Dick's. Baldwin managed to talk the salesman down to $79 dollars for a ride on top kids kayak with paddle! We were a bit concerned that it was neon pink, unsure if Pearl would like. 
We hid the present in the shop by the tower of river floats; I later decorated it with Pearl's name and bows. Saturday morning I spent as a volunteer, directing traffic at one of the gardens on the garden tour. Arriving home by noon, I was excited to let Pearl know that she could come down to find her present from me. Her good friend Lilly was here for the party with her family and they were headed for the river. 
Pearl was delighted with the kayak as was her brother! "Awesome," she said. And off the troops went to the swimming hole to test the new ride. I went to the bottom land below the falls to wait for the flotilla of inner tubes and Pearl on her kayak. I made a circle of balanced rocks, looking up occasionally for signs of the pink ship. Wow, the paddles so bright when I saw her way ahead of the inner tubes. Lilly was balanced on the back of the kayak. They made it over the falls without tipping. Pearl is a wonderful kayaker - as is her little brother. What a wonderful addition to our boats. Now Pearl and True can venture down river with us all. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

End of June, continent rolled

Busy month of travels and celebrations; first to Sarah Lawrence for my 50th reunion and second to Houston for Sofia's 5th birthday. Behind me is the small class room, stone house, where I studied with Muriel Rukeyser. Wonderful reunion, staying on campus, in dorm rooms with kitchen. Delicious meals with wine and good company, lectures and class (American Literature and Black Lives Matter) and trip to NY botanical gardens. Eloise came out from the city on Saturday, so good, good GOOD to see her. Met new students and recent graduates and felt infused with the spirit of the place in which I thrived for four years. 
Home in Virginia for hardly a week before trip to Houston. Arriving on Fia's birthday and two days later enjoying her party at the Houston aquarium. A heart tonic to see Ezra and Jennicksa and to play with bright beautiful Fia. 
Returned home to be special transporter of Pearl to Children Culinary Camp at the Palisades. Fortunately, Susan was chauffeuring her grandchild, Elliott, so Pearl hitched ride from Blacksburg with her. Stunning in her silver glitter high tops, Pearl is enjoying the camp,  - we all went to dinner at Palisades which the kids had prepared and served. Today is the last day and True and I will pick her up and play at the park if it stops raining. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cow heads debut in demonstration

Cowalition for Justice demonstrated today with the Coalition for Justice in downtown Christiansburg, in front of Morgan Griffith's office. Baldwin transformed mr MUD into the Donald. A big gust of wind blew "Trust Me" off of the stick! It was a fun afternoon - with dinner afterwards. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Pearl's card for me! My children, their families, are my presents - I am blessed.

So here, a poem for my mother:

To My Mother as I Feel the First Snow

all questions lie like the sages' red hairs
on the white hills
                        slight flames
unconquerable tickling
                                 I want to ask you
when my father's birthday was
when he died
                  when you first tried suicide
but my throat plugs with the skull and bones
excavated under the room where we slept
I do not ask
                  the silence
the fire sizzles
                  sleet down the chimney
the snow draws a blanket mind.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Picture of Two Snakes

I posted this picture which Pearl took of me with two very well fed black snakes I snatched from the chicken coop on FB and received many accolades! So I figure I might post it again. I can hardly believe I managed to grab both of them; one was easy to catch as it had an egg half in its dislocated jar, a docile state. The other was twined about the laying box. I grabbed the egg eater first and called Pearl to take the egg. Then noting that the other snake seemed mesmerized, I grabbed it with my clear hand. I had to loosen its tail with a handful of snake. Then I managed to back out of the coop and close the door with my knee, securing the hook with hand holding snake. I called Pearl to find my phone for a picture as I walked back to the house. voila! True, who had watched the whole event, walked with me down the creek to relocate the scavengers. 

bear visit

Last night, Mr Lee and I comfortable in bed, a roaming bear - no doubt the one who visited Alma's a few days ago - smashed my bird feeder and two suet holders which hang on hooks from kitchen windows. I should have begun taking in the feeders after hearing about Alma's incident, but I didn't. Now I have a note on the window to remind myself to do so tonight. Mr Lee did suddenly  become hyper alert last night, and I thought I heard some muffled pounding. I figured it was Katrina knocking over a jar of water. Ah, if only I had gotten up I might have a picture of the bear!
Being with my blog arouses my discontent with the state of the world and I fail to write the ire and sorrow feeling it is impotent raving. Enough of that to read on FB. Better to work in garden, better to make sign for the protest on Monday! It is hard not to be miserably depressed. And the pain in my heel which I have been nursing for two months compounds the tendency to gloom. Catching the weather this evening, there was the face of Ruler Trump speaking at Liberty U. WTF . Upside down world. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Birthday with Web 6

April was unusually warm and May is progressing unusually cool! Pearl and True spent an overnight with me last night while Baldwin and Mindy went to Charlottesville. It was fun and smooth. Ice cream and cookies after bison burgers and salad with garden greens; Disney channel until bed time; walk to the river, and squirrel chasing on the bank beyond creek. My orange poppies are blooming with the wild pale purple fox, my favorite combination. It is a beautiful spring, I hope not burned by what may be a frosty morning. The green house is empty and I worry over the lime and lemon on the deck, but too much wind to  try to cover with plastic. I've moved small things into house, covered some plants, but I'm praying for others including my potatoes just up in the garden and lots of strawberry blossoms and tiny green berries. ah. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tomorrow about 5 AM I'll turn 72

It is big into spring here. Baldwin tilled in my garden and I planted potatoes - pouring some water with silica onto each potato, hoping to combat the potato fungus which has devastated my crop for the last several years. Need to research some other possible remedies. Garden is coming along, the weather unusually warm so soon in April. I have beets sprouting up and needing thinning along with greens.
Somehow 72 doesn't seem as old as 70, 6 x 12, year of the Rooster returns.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I think of my mother all day

My mother's cotton ball canap├ęs, delightful served with cocktails on April Fool's day, haunted me. I wanted to think of a good joke to play on my kids.  I first contemplated bringing a hen inside and taking pictures which I would post with the caption: "my new pet." But although I spent time in the coop changing the water, I had no chance to capture a bird. I chuckled at morning edition's rock soup, dirty rock dishes, for healthy dining - it was almost believable until they interviewed a Parisian about saving their precious dog's poop for ingredient.  I failed to come up with a plan or photo or story to post and the day was colder than anticipated. 
I did take mr.lee on a run to the recycling center in Mr.T (the truck). I accidentally dropped the entire plastic bag into the container with the recyclables - fortunately the man using the bin had a hook in his truck and managed to hoist my bag out. Then mr. lee and I drove to Childress Garden Center for seed potatoes and cabbage seedlings (and some flowers for my homecoming family). Mr. Puckett has a female dog like mr.lee - from the pound, who has had to have all of her teeth pulled. I teased mr.lee that he had a girl friend. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

The signs of spring accumulate

I found violets to eat yesterday by the river. The spring beauties are profuse underneath the spice bushes thin branches dotted with their tiny neon yellow flowers. Red buds by the house are on the verge of flower.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Counting the Days

Ever since I was a child I deliberated over counting the days until whatever event; whether to count today or not, whether to count the day of the celebration if it didn't begin until late, and so on. Baldwin and family return Tuesday, the 4th at 11PM. Today is Thursday; five more days if I don't count today. But in anticipation of Tuesday, I know it will be a long day to wait and I will leave early for the airport...
Mr. Lee and I are waiting for rooster to go into the coop so that we can close the small door and be done with the chore for this day. It is a chilly gray day after a glorious yesterday, a prelude to good rain which we need. I plan to buy some seed potatoes this weekend and flowers in celebration of April. And pansies for Mindy!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Visit from grad school buddy!

What fun, what easy slip into talk, talk that poured from me as from the mouth of those who live alone - and I kept thinking I was talking too much and too loud, but it seemed ok. Old friends, Neal certainly is familiar with my passionate tirades. Talking of times at UVA, poetry evenings at Alan's house when a visiting poet was in town, Neal remembering times I have forgot. It was a wonderful not even 24 hours and I will send him some of my work. I miss that time in my life when friends would drop by for dinner or I might go for coffee with Kearney. 
I worked in the garden after Neal left, planting more peas - throwing weeds to the chickens. It is a warm delightful day; mr lee and I went all the way to the swim hole, flushing two pairs of ducks too fair away to recognize. I should say I walked slowly, my plantar faciitis acting up again. I can't seem to take it easier! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

cold than warm, than cold - so on...

Picking up the detritus of the dead

Bending to a thin lock of hair, inhaling the musty
laundry of the home bound, an open
book there by the chair. I could never
retrieve the stories my mother left on her
computer, the house and its contents left to my brother -
i abandoned it all after the months of care.
returned to my mountain fastness, sealing

the doors.

Thinking of a friend who died while retrieving a lock of my dog's hair on the rug. Odd how the memories sprout in the head. Working on a long poem i wrote several years ago and urged by friend, Susan, to assemble for a video. Mercilessly cut and at half the length it reads much smoother - fun to look for photos which we may use. A project to take the news of the day off the neocortex. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Post Cards plus - St Paddy's Day

Still nursing right foot with a case of plantar fasciitis which persists in spite of visits to chiropractor. Enjoyed making 3 post cards to mail on Ides of Trump to the White House, even though I seriously doubt DJT looks at the huge pile of mail. To bare being citizen under Trump, I have upped attendance at meetings besides the local democrats, joining Indivisible and Dialogue on Race. I think it helps to be with other resisters and activists, not unlike AA meetings to keep one on track. 
Before this recent bout of very cold weather with false alarm of possible snow, I took this picture down by the river. We are just coming out a frigid wind, difficult days for maintaining warmth - New England is digging out! The series of 20 degree mornings killed my day lilies. Hopefully not to the point to prevent blooms. Baldwin and Mindy's Japanese magnolia which was about to bloom, has sad brown flags where there were purple buds. I walked up to it with some homeopathic rescue remedy and agaracus (good for frost bite) in water to pour on the roots of the magnolia. Hopefully there are many more blooms that were not burned. 
I still make calls to congress folks, not as many since the Virginia General Assembly has gone home. Fortunate that both Senators are Democrats, I mostly call Missing Morgan. Listing reasons why the NEA is important. Ah. Now I can add more items such as the need for Meals on Wheels, jeez, really! Maddening that the US must pay roughly 183 million a year for secret service on Melania and son in NYC - this is more that the budget for most programs that Trump's budget seeks to cut. All to raise the budget for the military: bully President; bully Nation. Tweedledum (Twitterly dumb Trump).

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Into March - high Lent!

We have had almost zero snow this winter, but this weekend there is the off chance that we will acquire some wet snow accumulation. Mr. Lee and I have been enjoying walks to the river in warm days, geese ofter seen floating down white water. The daffodils are blooming all about the house and I have vases filled inside. Now it seems April is coming quickly and my sun drenched, salt water washed children will return to their house so near mine! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

In the mineral spring

from Susan

Home from Warm Springs

Trip to Bath county and a float in the pool of warm mineral waters
with best of friends. An hiatus from the routine of my life and from news of the big world. Warm springs felt like a travel back in time when my great grandmother would have visited to nurse her tuberculosis. The mountains in long triple spines, the enclaves of civilization around hot springs or warm springs with homes of the very wealthy. Dinner Thursday night at the Grist Mill was delicious - though I was fairly filled up with goodies we had brought from home to have with wine in the bar at the Warm Springs hotel. what a surprise that small hotel with the high ceilinged waiting room dressed in furniture of early 1900’s - large dining area  and a sun room added latter. the bar with the old safe. slipping into another time.

I realize how good it is to be away - even for just an overnight. A refreshing. A perspective. and the warm mineral springs were salubrious and still rocking my body. 
We spent an hour at the Homestead until the Warm Springs opened.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ides of February

Trying to diligently call/email/write letters to US Senators protesting our unnamed president's nominations for his cabinet. And locally calling delegate and senator concerning gerrymandering, gun control, birth control, coal ash...and other issues. And to the immediate local, emailing and phoning supervisors about Margaret Smith's abattoir (small slaughterhouse proposal for Riner area)! Sometimes the phone lines are tied up. Sometimes I tire of the world. Mr. Lee and I have been walking around red bud. Here is our Valentine.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

John Lewis: "When You Pray, Move Your Feet!"

It appears that many have taken these words to heart! Spontaneous crowds (at many airports) formed protesting Trump's latest order to HAULT all Syrian refugees (and others from certain Muslim countries) from coming into US. As Trump moves to make good on many of his campaign promises, the shallow thought that has gone into his orders becomes obvious. He seems to have no ability to account for consequences
to others, nor does he seem to care. PBS debates when to call a lie and lie from the small pursed lips of Donald. 1984 becomes a best seller! And the Chinese year of the Fire Rooster begins. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Impeach Trump, Convert Pence

There were signs that would have delighted my mom: "Super Callous Fascist Racist Extra Braggadocios!" Today, although I didn't get into my lovely bed until after 1AM, I have hung my apron along with another decorated one in my sight to alert me to put down my cleaver and pick up the phone - call my congressmen. Put down the wooden spoon and pick up the pen. Put off making the pot of beans, or batch of brownies, and send email. Send them every day as Michael Moore advised. 

Resistance is Fertile

More on the Women's March: 750,000 marched in LA, a score in Antartica, thousands thronged the Ann Richardson bridge in Austin (who must be so proud of her daughter Cecil who heads Planned Parenthood), 100's in Gulfport MS and thousands in New Orleans (or course, Mardi Gras opportunity). More and More, sends chills down my arms as I type, and by the tweet of it, Trump is pissed. Oh, petty little hands man. I liked a slogan which I saw in English and in Spanish: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! 
Here we are again, with our safety rope which was a great hit with the crowd. It did keep us together until a slew of people separated Valen from us, sending Pat after her daughter through the throng. We didn't meet up again until the bus - 1,800 buses all parked at RFK stadium. We had wine waiting for us and cheese and crackers, nuts and apples. We were jubilant. Now to not lose this energy of compassionate awareness. Now to keep a finger on our legislators both state and federal. Now to keep all accountable. Now to register our discontent. Now to  not despair but to act. 

I Have a Vagenda

I am riding the High of the Women's March in DC (over 1/2 a million - 3 million world wide), a recharge to the activist bones, a dispelling of the angst of the day before inauguration, and hilarious fun with good good friends. "I have a Vagenda" was on a sign i missed but was fortunately captured in a blog someone referenced on FB. Some of the signs I did delight in were taking back the "Don't Tread on Me" slogan that the t-party has usurped on bright yellow license plates and flags with the twinning snakes; some women turned the snakes upside down and it looked like a uterus with fallopian tubes. The humor was contagious in all seriousness; we were squashed like sardines, especially intense in the Metro, underground and moving at a snail pace - yet a helpful caring friendly atmosphere. Oh, glorious, magnificent folks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Preparing for the March on Jan 21st!

We will be marching for Elizabeth as her knees will keep her at home; the rest of us will be in DC on Saturday via a Rally bus.  Kathy Pink and Susan and I spent Monday painting aprons with appropriate messages to wear ( "Pussy grabs back," "Bad Trump," "Grope Protest," "Women Rights = Human Rights," "WTF"). Some of us may even don pink pussy hats! Hope we will help swell the numbers into the 100 thousands. The buses leave at 3:12 AM - maybe we will be able to sleep on the bus, though I wouldn't bet on it and we won't be home until after midnight. But, we have to do it!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mr Lee with debris of the walk

Good long walk today to the swimming hole. Weather here close to what is forecast for the DC March on the 21st, 60 degrees and overcast. Perfect walking weather, I will plan to wear a light coat and my walking shoes. Spending the day brain storming slogan to wear painted onto an apron for the march - haven't come up with one yet, few days to sleep on project. I will wear my RESIST t-shirt and may just cover the apron with fists of different colors. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Half a foot of Snow

I went to bed the night of the snow, thinking that we might get 3". Surprised in the morning to see 4" and skies still falling. With cold, frigid cold, due the next night, I shoveled a path to the chicken coop before the bitter wind grew fierce. The chickens, of course, had no curiosity for snow; in spite of my effort to clear a section of their yard.
Saturday temperature hardly reached 20 degrees, Sunday was only slightly higher. Monday promised 30's and rain - but failed to encourage the chickens out and Mr.Lee and I walked only to the mailboxes. I cancelled qigong Tuesday as the schools were closed. Wednesday I picked up Alma and we went grocery shopping in town and I found a whole chicken to roast. Today was spectacular, 60 degrees. Two walks and making chicken soup. Crazy wild temperature swings, so quickly changing.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, to be Year of the Rooster

Yesterday's forecast sun came near noon today, unexpectedly; Mr Lee and I took to the path to the swimming hole eager to see how the river had worked the beach. More sand has been deposited over the slippery clay, a gift. But I grew sad watching Mr Lee on the beach and no Mojo. Home now, with the sky rippling up in preparation of rain (through Monday), I am hanging with melancholy. Though grateful for the good walk setting my pace for the rest of the year. The year I was born was also a Rooster year. I am preparing to stir my bones for dinner in Blacksburg, traditional black-eyed peas and greens; I failed to make it out for last night's celebration. Sinusitis lingers and I am no great fan of New Year's Eve parties. Watched the movie 33, about the Chilean gold miners who were trapped underground for 69 days. 
Here I am in the silence of the hollow. I imagine the squirrel is dangling upside down raiding the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder while I am on this sofa upstairs. The chickens scratch in the larger yard as they were when I last looked out the north facing window in the bathroom, I suspect. I am weighing being late for dinner tonight, so that I can secure their coop before I go, rather than waiting until 8 PM or so. I don't know. 
2017. 50 years since I graduated from Sarah Lawrence! I never imagined this.