Thursday, January 12, 2017

Half a foot of Snow

I went to bed the night of the snow, thinking that we might get 3". Surprised in the morning to see 4" and skies still falling. With cold, frigid cold, due the next night, I shoveled a path to the chicken coop before the bitter wind grew fierce. The chickens, of course, had no curiosity for snow; in spite of my effort to clear a section of their yard.
Saturday temperature hardly reached 20 degrees, Sunday was only slightly higher. Monday promised 30's and rain - but failed to encourage the chickens out and Mr.Lee and I walked only to the mailboxes. I cancelled qigong Tuesday as the schools were closed. Wednesday I picked up Alma and we went grocery shopping in town and I found a whole chicken to roast. Today was spectacular, 60 degrees. Two walks and making chicken soup. Crazy wild temperature swings, so quickly changing.

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