Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have frequently used the phrase,"I have to make two mistakes before I know I've made a mistake," in reference to much of my life. It was formulated after my father told me, with not a touch of sympathy in his voice, "only a fool makes the same mistake twice." He was referring to my second divorce! He didn't know about my two abortions. Of course, it is somewhat prideful to think that I learned after two mistakes...I certainly smoked more than two cigarettes, took more 'shrums and LSD than two. However, this second melanoma (fortunately "insitu") has prompted me to hope this second incident is the last.
Wonderful weekend at Robin A Murphy ND's Qigong seminar - and I was able to recall the Amrita Mudras to share with my class in Riner. I love doing qigong; I can notice how much stronger I am than 3 years ago . I suspect, too, that my bones are much stronger and my balance improved. Mostly I feel my grin is more often on my face - I just hope I can keep a face on! ha!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The snake magnet

Third black snake of the season caught in the act of swallowing an egg; this snake 1/2 the circumference of the other two. Blessedly we got 3/10th of inch of rain and the garden is happy as am I, taking a hiatus from watering. Have tiny cucumbers and yellow squash; some green tomatoes also.
Discovered this afternoon at the dermatologist that I have to go in every 3 months this year; today I left with eight spots burned off and a biopsy of a mole on my back (she didn't think was very bad?). So I am renewing my effort to avoid sun during peak time; altho, I will check chicken coop between 2-3 in the afternoon as that seems to be prime time for snake munching down. I told the snake on the walk down to the river that he could have made a home in the coop if he had stuck with mice and left all eggs alone. Don't believe I can make a deal with a snake, but would have loved to have this one take up residence under my house. Eggs must be a great temptation.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

another trip with black snake!

I'm beginning to know black snakes. This one's coat was more glossy; it didn't make choking sounds on the way to the river. Of course, I didn't nab it with an egg in its mouth! There may be a line up at the back of the coop, looks like an everyday addition to my routine to check the coop earlier in the day than normal.
There is much thunder in the West.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

zen lessons?

Lessons began last night when Jana leaned out of her Rav4 window to say, "that tire is flat!" pointing to the right front of my Prius in the YMCA parking lot after Qigong. Sooo Susan and I pulled into the conveniently located neighboring gas station with air machine. I managed to secure 3 quarter and we were in business. I dropped Susan off ("please let me know you make it home!") and headed for 460, thinking to take it easy and get off the bypass. I risked waiting until my usual exit before 81 and made it to the Radford St. stop light before the tire pressure light went on. So at the gas station by the 81 entrance I filled up the air and prayed I'd make it home. Indeed I did, the light not turning on until my drive way.
Today after qigong (which Saroj took me to) I filled up the tire again and set off for the Toyota quick stop; I had to stop in Christiansburg for air. After having to haggle with the service person who first said that "there is NO warranty on tires that come with NEW cars!" I drove off 4 hours latter with a new set of tires for all four wheels - at a fair discount....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The service person finally called Good year after I had them remove the tire to try to fix and it was DRY ROTTED after only 3 years and 23,000 miles!!!! Good year agreed to $52 a tire for new ones. I am pissed that the Toyota folks whom I visited 3 weeks ago for an inspection, told me that my tires were still good and they mentioned that the warranty didn't work unless treads more worn - but they did mention a warranty....HEY, TOYOTA GET ON THE SAME PAGE!
it was so good to arrive home and to take a walk to river with Mr. Lee! now it is cool with a storm over the East ridge making sound and wind and HOPEFULLY rain!.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just returned from walking with captured black snake grasped in hands down to the river, wading across for relocation camp. Yesterday's one egg was evidence enough for me to begin the several times a day check on coop routine. And the second check around 12:30 proved opportune: with egg propping jaws unhinged, I easily clasped the snake behind jaws, expelling egg and yanking snake out of nest. It was docile enough that I decided to walk it to the river. It wasn't until I stood at the river bank that I realized it would be an easy wade across; I did almost slip on the second step!
Wonderful early evening thunder storm yesterday, just as I was about to walk up to Blue house for dinner with Mary T and Alan, Soren and Noah. I hope California is a good home for all of them, but we will miss them in these parts. May have to take a trip out west to visit someday...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been away from blogging; excuses amount to working on "heavy boots" to preparing for poetry jam to nothing at all. But I didn't want to neglect a reference to yesterdays lovely lazy kayak down the Little with my friend, Susan. Thanks to Baldwin setting us up: kayaks waiting at bottoms and his truck at the Blue Springs bridge, we had just enough of a work out that we could manage.
I forget how long it takes to reach the 787 bridge; perhaps a 10 minute drive, by river, an hour! We could have lingered longer, but we talked and lollygagged enough to sooth ourselves and to heal whatever might need healing.
Although the Poetry Jam fund raiser from Pulaski tornado victims was poorly attended, I so enjoyed reading with Chelsea and being backed-up by her husband Bill! It was fun to read with music which prompted me to vary my speed and emphasis (or so it seemed to me!)
I suspect though that i need to get on the river again SOON! Friends of the Library intrigue and disappointing people are getting me down and my dander up!