Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just returned from walking with captured black snake grasped in hands down to the river, wading across for relocation camp. Yesterday's one egg was evidence enough for me to begin the several times a day check on coop routine. And the second check around 12:30 proved opportune: with egg propping jaws unhinged, I easily clasped the snake behind jaws, expelling egg and yanking snake out of nest. It was docile enough that I decided to walk it to the river. It wasn't until I stood at the river bank that I realized it would be an easy wade across; I did almost slip on the second step!
Wonderful early evening thunder storm yesterday, just as I was about to walk up to Blue house for dinner with Mary T and Alan, Soren and Noah. I hope California is a good home for all of them, but we will miss them in these parts. May have to take a trip out west to visit someday...

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