Sunday, June 5, 2011


I have been away from blogging; excuses amount to working on "heavy boots" to preparing for poetry jam to nothing at all. But I didn't want to neglect a reference to yesterdays lovely lazy kayak down the Little with my friend, Susan. Thanks to Baldwin setting us up: kayaks waiting at bottoms and his truck at the Blue Springs bridge, we had just enough of a work out that we could manage.
I forget how long it takes to reach the 787 bridge; perhaps a 10 minute drive, by river, an hour! We could have lingered longer, but we talked and lollygagged enough to sooth ourselves and to heal whatever might need healing.
Although the Poetry Jam fund raiser from Pulaski tornado victims was poorly attended, I so enjoyed reading with Chelsea and being backed-up by her husband Bill! It was fun to read with music which prompted me to vary my speed and emphasis (or so it seemed to me!)
I suspect though that i need to get on the river again SOON! Friends of the Library intrigue and disappointing people are getting me down and my dander up!

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  1. Friends of Library intrigue + disappointing people= definite need to get on the river again. :)

    You can go whenever you want- Baldwin offers his services. Elmo Jones would probably be a fun person to invite- she's such a powerhouse of natural history and biology knowledge. You'd come off the river with a much higher I.Q.