Thursday, December 31, 2009

walking up the road

can't help but think of the reggae song,, "walking up the road with a pistol in my hand." only i'm wishing i had a blow torch in my hand - i was actually looking at my stack of newspapers and contemplating creating little fire bombs to ignite as i walked, tossing them on the ice, leaving a few cinders too - ach. I saw several turkey prints in the wet snow mix from last night (picture of the 33 turkeys that were in the front yard the afternoon it began to snow - no doubt a warning i didn't get - like a big snow is a coming)...
so much mist rising from the snow cover that i doubt i will get to see the big blue moon - but it will be lighter out - i maynot need my head lamp walking down from the blue house. New year, new decade tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

screaming time

there's excited peek-a-boo screaming time
and then there's i had to back the car half a mile down the road screaming time
road still too icy
weather isn't looking so great for melting
not exactly Prius conditions

luckily Alma's coming for dinner and tomorrow I can borrow the CRV.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

mega bright

so bright out, sun on the still snow covered fields
aim to clear out more of the chicken yard
presently taken by Ez and Jen's book
writing stories about my grand parents

Thursday, December 24, 2009

the stockings are hung

this is my stocking! chicken wish bones and guinea feathers and the Virgin Mary! we've hung all of ours on my fireplace mantle as there is no chimney at the blue house. Jennicksa got hers via FedEx yesterday evening and is most excited. the snow is melting on the road pretty well, tho there are places , such as under the pines, where winter lingers - and lingers.

snowed in

nothing like being snowed in to bring out the Christmas elf in one - DD perusing a toy catalog while Baba sews! I was out of the hollar today for the first time in a week - still had to hike up and down the road to reach CRV parked at the top.- and finally I coaxed the chickens out of their house which was beginning to be a real cooped up coop.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I clean...

I clean
no more boots tracking in the house
I wash
no more musty smoke smell in his room
I sweep
no more dust and web accumulation in his spot
I burn incense
no more remnants of twenty year man.

Pathetic Feminist

I cried when he said good-bye
against all plans
I stood up-right but eyes failed
muscles lost grip on face
he said, "you'll be better off without me."
I did not deny

Monday, December 7, 2009

beginning with giggles

crisp walk up at 8 this morning to play with DD while her people went to work - we studied the chickens from the kitchen window out in their defrosting yard, we scrutinized several books, repeated words - and DD herself unprompted said "kiss" and touched her lips when she found her chocolate kiss counting book!
the day somewhat disintegrated when i trudged down to my house, message from John that he'd flunked the stress test (well, they said NO cigarettes before the test) and was getting a heart catheterization and would need to be picked up around four. Luckily no blockage was found, the umpteenth nurse/doctor/anesthesiologist said you got to stop smoking. Looks like the oxygen tank is dogging John; he don't want to look . and i must have repeated my line: you've chosen the cig over me.