Saturday, November 30, 2019

no hens

No Hens

almost nightly as the evening descends
i stop myself from heading to the chicken lot
no hens there
the yard is a cloud of white
tall wild asters
summoning the ghosts of my hens
to a wild reckoning

Mary North

from the motion sensitive camera in the woods

Like a Woman

if I find the words
will I change, will I
not panic at the small
will I not jump
at surprise
if I can speak the lesson
of my life
can I open up enough
to read the hieroglyphs 
on my inner screen
can I wake from
this heavy handed
zen master
with a stick?

Mary North

title is odd, but trying to make suitable for a theme in a journal which i hope doesn't know i have a is a soaking kind of scene outside, an excellent day to seek discipline and work on some scraps of poems. 

Trying a little discipline


my sister wrapped herself in all the family karma
(a psychic said within the womb, you think?)
she gulped the dark, as if the best chocolate
(like granny hid for herself)
she wore the garment drama
(a twin dressed in rainbow scarves on Mardi gras)
false joy, teacher’s pet,
a dare
there was no reward
but death
(the kamikaze suicide, the single car wreck)
I had no words 
but felt the blast of raw undress.

Mary North

Saturday, November 16, 2019

why am I negligent

It is not in my routine, not even with chickens expunged from routine, not even since the grandchildren have with their parents gone to Dominican Republic for the winter escuela and tonic. I have become a prisoner of my own making, fairly prepared for a nursing home with a jigsaw puzzle laid out on a card table. I do walk with my dear dog to the river or up the road daily. I do busy myself with soup making and meetings and teaching qigong, recently adding an evening of qigong class in Floyd. I regularly practice Spanish on Duolingo - hope to try out at least a few words at the supermercado this Christmas. I feel somewhat rudderless. 
And here is a neighbor of the night, coyote, caught on the motion sensitive outdoor camera we have set up by the creek. A here is a bear! Lots of deer and raccoons  have been photographed, occasionally a turkey, blue heron and river otters.