Monday, May 15, 2017

Cow heads debut in demonstration

Cowalition for Justice demonstrated today with the Coalition for Justice in downtown Christiansburg, in front of Morgan Griffith's office. Baldwin transformed mr MUD into the Donald. A big gust of wind blew "Trust Me" off of the stick! It was a fun afternoon - with dinner afterwards. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Pearl's card for me! My children, their families, are my presents - I am blessed.

So here, a poem for my mother:

To My Mother as I Feel the First Snow

all questions lie like the sages' red hairs
on the white hills
                        slight flames
unconquerable tickling
                                 I want to ask you
when my father's birthday was
when he died
                  when you first tried suicide
but my throat plugs with the skull and bones
excavated under the room where we slept
I do not ask
                  the silence
the fire sizzles
                  sleet down the chimney
the snow draws a blanket mind.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Picture of Two Snakes

I posted this picture which Pearl took of me with two very well fed black snakes I snatched from the chicken coop on FB and received many accolades! So I figure I might post it again. I can hardly believe I managed to grab both of them; one was easy to catch as it had an egg half in its dislocated jar, a docile state. The other was twined about the laying box. I grabbed the egg eater first and called Pearl to take the egg. Then noting that the other snake seemed mesmerized, I grabbed it with my clear hand. I had to loosen its tail with a handful of snake. Then I managed to back out of the coop and close the door with my knee, securing the hook with hand holding snake. I called Pearl to find my phone for a picture as I walked back to the house. voila! True, who had watched the whole event, walked with me down the creek to relocate the scavengers. 

bear visit

Last night, Mr Lee and I comfortable in bed, a roaming bear - no doubt the one who visited Alma's a few days ago - smashed my bird feeder and two suet holders which hang on hooks from kitchen windows. I should have begun taking in the feeders after hearing about Alma's incident, but I didn't. Now I have a note on the window to remind myself to do so tonight. Mr Lee did suddenly  become hyper alert last night, and I thought I heard some muffled pounding. I figured it was Katrina knocking over a jar of water. Ah, if only I had gotten up I might have a picture of the bear!
Being with my blog arouses my discontent with the state of the world and I fail to write the ire and sorrow feeling it is impotent raving. Enough of that to read on FB. Better to work in garden, better to make sign for the protest on Monday! It is hard not to be miserably depressed. And the pain in my heel which I have been nursing for two months compounds the tendency to gloom. Catching the weather this evening, there was the face of Ruler Trump speaking at Liberty U. WTF . Upside down world. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Birthday with Web 6

April was unusually warm and May is progressing unusually cool! Pearl and True spent an overnight with me last night while Baldwin and Mindy went to Charlottesville. It was fun and smooth. Ice cream and cookies after bison burgers and salad with garden greens; Disney channel until bed time; walk to the river, and squirrel chasing on the bank beyond creek. My orange poppies are blooming with the wild pale purple fox, my favorite combination. It is a beautiful spring, I hope not burned by what may be a frosty morning. The green house is empty and I worry over the lime and lemon on the deck, but too much wind to  try to cover with plastic. I've moved small things into house, covered some plants, but I'm praying for others including my potatoes just up in the garden and lots of strawberry blossoms and tiny green berries. ah.