Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rainy Day Leaky Roof Blues

Looking for a roofer! One has been out to measure, but not to climb up on the roof. One coming any day now who has good recommendations from two neighbors. One called today to say that he'll come out tomorrow. Even though this old house is 114 years enduring, I think this time I want to go for the standing seam double coated metal roof - life time roof. Over my life time roof; invest for the grand kids - whatever eventuality. I am hoping that I can get a new roof before the winter hangs heavy in the hollow. 
I love these morning clouds. But today there has been no blue, just drizzle. Not a good day for the Planned Parenthood outdoor benefit, nevertheless, a necessary outing. I have managed to use the inside weather to work on my schedule of poll workers, almost completed with a bit of luck. I only wish that we had a candidate running against Morgan the Republican. 


The Brightness in Day and Soul

Happiness - Here are the faces that spark and kindle my spirit!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall and Failure

Today while reading five minutes in the middle of a book sitting in my Prius waiting to see if someone would arrive to join me in qigong, it dawned on me that I associated Fall with failure. Having spent a good part of my life trying to avoid failure (not as successfully as the author of the piece I was reading), I was devastated by my second divorce. The first divorce could be rationalized a failure on the part of the other person; but this second divorce was at least half my fault. And the second divorce also revealed a dangerous aptitude of my part, the ability to fall in love with difficult partners. I had failed to find a suitable mate; I might have done better in an "arranged" match. I lost trust in my judgement. I imagine that someone else might say that it was my karma, or in my natal chart to have such "luck." And I would agree that failure should not present a crushing blow, but rather a lesson (a lesson too complicated for this heart).
But failure and Fall, well, the obvious fall from grace. The failure to maintain the laissez faire of summer. The work preparing for the winter to come which might present a failure to endure or even a fall on ice...the connections are facile. The one I fear is the connection I have to Fall and  to slow burning despair. In preparation for this winter I have changed the wattage in several light fixtures and stocked up on Vitamin D. I have begun writing a long piece of dialogue which is very raw at this point, but has been attracting my attention. I have hung a grow light and have lettuce, arugula and spinach sprouts in the green house. I aim to be occupied.And Mr Lee and I will continue to walk down to the river and stare at the continual fall of water.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Blustery Day

A fine day for walk, brittle leaves papering ground creek and sky in the wind. Monday morning with grand kids who joined my effort to pick up black walnuts in the yard for relocation - even T could throw them successfully into the wheel barrow. If I leave the nuts to accumulate under the large tree by the house, I will inevitably slip one cold morning. And if we should loose power, navigating the wheel barrow to the wood shed is nearly impossible through nut strewn lawn. With any luck, there will be no need for wood stove this winter. Stop such thoughts!
We had a heavy frost already on Sunday morning; gone okra, peppers, squash and marigolds. I regret not harvesting more marigolds, their fragrance reminds me of Mexico and of India (though India by photo, while Oaxaca I visited for Day of the Dead). The cool days have inspired me to clean the garden of dead stalks; I scattered volunteer dill seeds on several of the beds. I want to conquer the wildness on the periphery of the garden next summer! I began well this spring, but the edges got out of hand.I am thinking of making an iris bed on one side - I have the irises that need thinning.
Yippee, today is worthy of celebration: Gay marriage is legal in Virginia! I am hoping to have a marriage at my house soon for friends.