Thursday, September 29, 2011

Qigong happiness

I love our class. I love qigong! And we all notice rewards in our bodies, and perhaps in our minds. I giggle as I don't know that super brain yoga has changed my tendency to forget the necessary word in mid sentence, but my energy is better. At the river every day I do sets by the huge tulip tree.
Rita has already used super brain yoga on a first grade class! Jenny has taught qigong to her friends on vacation!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

what i am doing, i think

No groundhog in the have a heart this morning; must have chosen the wrong hole under the fence - will try second choice in Mahoney's territory with the hens. Carrying a bucket when I go to the chicken coop to collect black walnuts which I toss in a pile away from the yard for the squirrels. The walnut tree's lower limbs touch the ground with the weight of nuts this year; down by the river one of the large walnuts has the largest green globes I have ever seen. Does this imply a cold winter or just remark on the rainy spring?
End of September so soon. Leaves on the deck which I sweep as they fall again and again. Soon I will move the lime tree into the green house (20 limes dangling from its spindly limbs). I love fall and savor the last of the fresh dinners from the garden.
And as I bend to collect another green walnut, I smile with the flash image of myself at 90 doing this or sweeping the leaves over and over again from the deck!

Monday, September 19, 2011

excuse; no excuse

I'm pretty good at rationalizing, of turning an insult into a compliment. Of setting a positive spin on what is a dismal forecast. This morning, however, I pushed myself out of bed after a half an hour of worry lying prone with my hand on Mr Lee's head. I kept thinking about his ordeal tomorrow, teeth cleaning and extractions - how many extractions are not known. It's been 8 months since Mr Lee has lived with me and I should have taken him earlier - but then he has had time to grow stronger and familiar with me and with this hollow. I've no excuse, just magical thinking - even though I recognized that he has a difficult time chewing kibbles and dog bones (he hides chew bones around the house). His breath has improved!
Speaking of excuses, I was raised with "no excuse." I always kept a project deadline at school; the dog never ate my homework. I figured my self worth hung on my reliability. I'm rarely late. It made me wild to hear my former partner's excuses for everything, from forgetting to take out the garbage to failing to recall the name of the person who called for me. I couldn't seem to persuade him that his excuses were an avoidance of taking responsibility of his actions, for his LIFE!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Garden Devas

I don't know how I may have coaxed them or bargained so well for the health of my corn and sweet potatoes, but whatever happened in my lazy organic way has garnered perfect corn and now almost perfect sweet potatoes! I figure devas or luck, because normally the corn has worms - not many but certainly not zero! And for several years I have lost half of my crop of sweet potatoes to grubs and voles. I suppose the moles have done a good job of eradicating the grubs and by some magic stopped the voles from following their tunnels to the crop.
I took Mr Lee to the vet today to have his teeth checked; and his teeth are as feared in very poor shape. So it is cleaning and pulling on Tuesday for little one; but he should be much happier when recovered. I hate to imagine! I'm cooking chicken soup because of the cold and to dress Mr. Lee's kibbles.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Home again, happily home again

Mr Lee snug on the sofa with me, Ent wife to my left, her serenity changes the atmosphere of the room - I arrived home with a neatly and tightly packed Prius with goodies galore. Pearl and Baldwin and Mindy met me at my house to help unpack. All of mom's sculptures I brought made the trip safely; Ent wife was in the passenger seat! I only fit into the car four pieces of furniture; the twin child's chair to the one I had, an old early American dough bowl on legs, plain early Am bench and ditto rocking chair. I found slides of all of mother's work.
I packed some glasses in old table linens, packed the sculpture with linens and a wonderful satin quilt. I've plates and a china tea set. I'm as yet not fully unwound from the trip - Sharon and I drove thru Tropical Storm Lee to get a van load of goodies to Ez and Jen in Houston; the weather let up by Lafayette as Texas got no rain.