Monday, September 12, 2011

Home again, happily home again

Mr Lee snug on the sofa with me, Ent wife to my left, her serenity changes the atmosphere of the room - I arrived home with a neatly and tightly packed Prius with goodies galore. Pearl and Baldwin and Mindy met me at my house to help unpack. All of mom's sculptures I brought made the trip safely; Ent wife was in the passenger seat! I only fit into the car four pieces of furniture; the twin child's chair to the one I had, an old early American dough bowl on legs, plain early Am bench and ditto rocking chair. I found slides of all of mother's work.
I packed some glasses in old table linens, packed the sculpture with linens and a wonderful satin quilt. I've plates and a china tea set. I'm as yet not fully unwound from the trip - Sharon and I drove thru Tropical Storm Lee to get a van load of goodies to Ez and Jen in Houston; the weather let up by Lafayette as Texas got no rain.

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