Sunday, May 15, 2016

Waking to 40 degrees and big wind

And now I fear tonight without blanket clouds, without the big wind, frost might harm seedlings in garden or/and lime tree on deck. I've brought a few plants from the deck into house or green house. I plan to cover plants with table cloths - find containers to cover tomatoes in the garden. And I will go to sleep imagining a bubble over this house and garden, protecting. 
On another note, almost satisfied with packing for the trip to Ethiopia; we leave Tuesday morning for two weeks. I can't imagine this Ethiopia, it will be bursting with wonder, it is beyond my scope - but must be deep deep down in my genetic mix the place of home.We will see some of the rift valley; and we hope to see Lucy's bones in the museum, and maybe hippos! We will drink lots of coffee, coffee also originates in Ethiopia. My grand-daughter will introduce me to her place of birth.

Monday, May 9, 2016


April was surprisingly dry, May has brought rain, even cool weather. This evening I planted 1/2 a row of corn and one teepee of beans, and tomato and pepper seedlings. Okra is coming up as well as squash. Everyday, I am gathering greens from the garden. The strawberries look beautiful, with many fruit - though I fear I will not be here when they turn red. Katy can enjoy. 
Packing and unpacking and repacking for Ethiopia. It is difficult to fathom being there. Mindy spoke to a friend who has just returned from there, reports cool mornings warming into 70's with rain. But what to wear on a long long flight? 
Happy to think of 2 weeks without news of the election.
Mr Lee has been limping since Saturday, his right rear leg. I have been treating him with Symphytum the last two days and he has been using the sore leg occasionally. His spirit is good, no fever - just a limp. Of course, he doesn't like the suitcase out.