Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac the now hurricane

Fortunately this wide tropical storm took a long time to fashion an eye when it entered the Gulf of Mexico and thus has not become stronger than a Cat 1 hurricane; nevertheless, the amount of rain that it may drop is substantial, especially considering that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast doesn't need any rain. Because there is a hurricane threatening the land of my childhood, I am near totally distracted by the event. I remember praying for hurricanes in the fall so that school might be closed much as children where I live now,pray for snow storms. The excitement of a hurricane is propelling; I wonder if a black hole is as attractive? The aftermath of a hurricane is not so attractive as the fury of its approach. I can recall finding little relief from the heat after Betsy; baby sitting my brother, helping to clean up our yard (a tree had come through the roof of our house into my room - I think, a Japanese plum). I left for my second year of college with much of the city roofless or worse. I was just married when Camile hit, with my husband at Fort Polk for basic training, I spent weekends at my parent's house in Ocean Springs helping them clean up the terrible mess of debris that a hurricane leaves, in an unremitting humid hot world of no electricity. 

But my month has mostly been about two projects, on the one hand to heal from a nasty virus and on the other to memorize my poems for our show in September. I seem to making more progress on the poems, learning the lines with understanding I trust. The healing has been slow. Helped today from wonderful body work by Alison who is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. I am learning how to allow my skeleton do the work of movement, letting my muscles follow (i hope i have this correct!). How to hold myself without tension, especially in jaw and shoulders. loosening up!  

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainy Day Sunday

Only a half assed watering last night in the garden though without inkling that rain might come, delightedly waking to the sound of hard rain in the early  morning, I am tickled by the dreariness and thankful that a houseful of 4 year olds must have brought it on! I roasted two batches of tomatoes in an effort to rescue a too large to eat crop - and not a day left to wait or I could have brought them to qigong tomorrow. The roasted ones are so sweet and will be delicious in soup along with the beans I froze yesterday. I planted some small collard, broccoli, and chard seedlings yesterday - they look happy with the grey drizzle. I plan to enlarge my winter garden this year.
A New picture of Fia at 2 months old with mom in their back yard. I hope I can get down to see her before the new year or shortly afterwards.
When Mr. Lee and I walked to the river yesterday evening, Mr Lee crossed over to the island below the shelf falls (we call "continental shelf!") all by himself. Usually because of the current, I carry him. He was proud of himself.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rehearsals, rehearsals

It feels like our show is pulling together delightfully - our energy is high; Bob is patient. I thought of an old line of mine, "truth and understanding are not simultaneous." I finally came to a grasp of one of my poems and feel I can better perform it. It is what an actor at best gives the audience, when he/she embodies the meaning of the lines - not just recites them. When we can get out of our own way! It will be interesting to see how we do tomorrow night with some few live audience members. We have only run thru the whole piece two times! 


Sunday, August 5, 2012

back, back back

At the surgeon's office on Tuesday, I opted for operating the next day, Wednesday, August 1. So I am here with less flesh and back spasms from the tighter flesh suit - not terrible spasms, more like ripples which seem prompted by certain activities, like washing dishes or hanging clothes on the line. Pain isn't really an issue, I can sleep on my back, at least for awhile. And I am relieved to have the black spot gone. Back to the mantra of my poems into the memory bank for our performance in September. Back Back! 

Ezra sent wonderful pictures of 6 week old Fia. This one I've printed for the new frame which Yoga Sharon brought. Now to choose from my many pictures of DD for the other frame. Wish I had taken my camera to Steppin OUt yesterday to get a shot of DD leading her gymnastics's class at their performance. She is amazing. She came down to play with Sharon and me on Friday and this morning, regaling us with her stories of myriad babies and friends in the animal world. And she danced!