Monday, November 23, 2009

thinking of DD

looking at toddlers at the store today, looking long at small ones, listening for stray first talk! imagining DD's day! sending another snail mail. sending hugs in the wind over the bayou.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hayne Rudolf's daughter

Last night at the Mary C art opening for three artists working with wax, encaustic, I was my mother's daughter, enjoying being more anonymous and proud to be the sculptor's progeny. Then again I was also Rudy's daughter; and Rudy's bar has quite a reputation - folks adore Rudy. He is a very social gadfly; happy with anyone who comes into the bar, greeting people as if it were his home - which in a sense it is an extension of.
one of the artists in the show, Judith Burks, works in the 9th ward, and has wonderful protraits of friends and of her former students. Her use of wax was the most subtle; it gave depth to the protraits and a surface texture to the flesh. Kat Fitzpatrick works with bees, has brought bees back to Bay St Louis - her abstracts of imagined hive and imagined magnified flower parts have a built up wax surface.

Hsyne Rudolf's daughter

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

in my mother's world

so we walked again in the preserve, the so tall loblolly overhead, glimpses of the bayou. lunch at Chef Scott's sushi - i guess i've no complaint!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

driving down to Ocean Springs

hating to leave home, hating i suppose because old and settled, rooted even - knowing the weather will entice, as will good friend, and i will float thru the days until i return to river, house and family in the blue house. wish i were seeing Ez and Jen this visit - but i do look forward to my Christmas visits with them.
oh, sweet DD i will see your face daily - i sense you will be talking more, as you today named the balls: purple, geen more than green! and how did you say orange - orn ?? oh, what fun you are.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am upset at the Health Care reform bill that the House passed - limiting public funds for abortion. I am more upset at WOMEN who seem to have no idea of history, or what it was like before abortion was legalized. But then I think why am I surprised. Young women today have grown up with easy access to birth control and live in a world quick to moralize. It now seems preferable to have children out of wedlock than to have an abortion and to possibly finish high school or college! Or how about not over populating the world? I thought this was a battle already fought....