Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 12th

I absolutely thought I had had my last swim for the summer
September, cooler water, cooler air
my older self was ok with it, then
Susan came out:
we walked to the swimming hole, hot
sun, air warm
Susan took off a shoe, saying,
I'm going in,” her clothes off
she took three steps and dove.
I had to follow,
a skinny dip for the last
fling! Ah yes.
And so I swam again today.

another process

So here I am the left behind, in this over grown cage I fail to tame
with dog and cat and time to kill
I should do this or maybe that
but don't
ambition somehow damaged
or defunct
happy enuf with the autumn light
the children crawl and hug
no ream of poems
half thoughts,
slight plans, mostly good sleep.

(last Friday the 13th poem! left behind, i hazard from the company of man)

use it or lose it

back behind the cat food and bird suet
in the bottom cupboard lies my paper bag
of dried silver queen corn. there was a cup left 
from what had made the most delicious corn bread.
But why I saved these kernels alludes me. I didn't
save my virginity, nor my skin. 
we've had a wet summer, I'm afraid to look. 

(work in process...)


Friday, September 20, 2013

Phone banking!

Who named this activity phone banking? I'm not a happy advocate; but I have 30+ pages of registered voters whom I need to call in hopes of finding volunteers  to help with this election, Nov. 5th. It is slow going: two hang ups today, several good democrats who will vote for McAuliffe, etc and a delightful woman who wants yard signs. But I haven't found anyone who will be a greeter at the polls. I have found a friend who will help me call next week, so there is hope! I find after 11 calls, I need a snack. After two pages, I need a walk. After any more than that I need a nap or coma. Ach do! If only I had these sweet diversions! I can only rationalize that I make these calls for their future.


Monday, September 9, 2013

three hens

I bought three 6 month old hens at the market Saturday (the first Saturday of the month small animal market in front of Tractor supply). They are attractive birds: two grey/blue and one black Copper Marans. One hen has braved the chicken yard, while two have hung around the chicken house for two days. Last night I went out to see if all chickens (I had 11 before these new hens) were roosting. All but the one blue were in the house. I managed to herd her into the yard by the house after tangling in the seven foot high weeds in the larger yard. But she didn't go in and I found her roosting on the wire fence when I returned to close up the house. Luckily I grabbed her before she flew out into the wild - which would have been a miserable hunt. I am a bit apprehensive about tonight!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

it's September already

for T

I am in love with chocolate toes
peaking from the child pack

for P and M

at my door two girls
with silver toe nails
prompting a dance.