Monday, June 10, 2019

Reading the Mueller Report

I am reading the Mueller Report online from the NPR website. Quick scan of Part I, now slower read of the case for obstruction. A detailed picture of Trump's paranoid protestations of the Russian investigation - his obsession - unfolds. He acts like a dictator - has little knowledge or respect for our system of government (as seemed obvious - but which is now documented). All elected officials should read this report or be voted out of office. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Thirty Years

The latest data on the state of the climate suggests that we have but 30 more years on Earth, humans will be extinct. Part of me, the part that has become horribly cynical by almost 3 years of Trump's reign, thinks that humans no longer deserve to be residents of this 3rd planet from the sun. 
I feel as if a suck star is gobbling the spirit of mankind. There is a swell of hate and greed licking the hearts of too many leaders. What has happened to us that we who know the fierce danger of a warming globe, find our voices muted. Find ourselves angry but impotent. What's wrong with me????
It will take such a huge wish and such a bright child to wake the frozen leaders. It will take all mankind picking up their trash
it will take the death of plastic
it will take 1/2 the world's land uncultivated
it will take innovation, wind mills and solar collectors
it will take commitment of all nations
and our love for Earth First