Saturday, August 1, 2015

salubrious days

The air as if liquid, the water of the same temperature - tho the air is dry - i can't explain, but the verisimilitude of the day lightens my body and I feel as if I  move as a ghost...but then how would I know. The light, the air, the water, the temperature, the light breeze are all of the same tone - there is a lovely harmony. It is easy on the mind.
But this week the construction crew took the ancient leaning tree. The tall pine which grew and thrived at a 45 degree angle; bent, I supposed by the wind which comes all the way from West Virginia to this ridge. I suspected that the tree would be taken, yet sighed as I noticed the stack of its trunk today.
The studio has a new bed - the only king size in the hollow - and Mindy's painting over head. Guests due for this summer, and dear Teo and Jen and Fia.