Saturday, February 22, 2020

almost end of February of no snow

Thursday evening a breath of snow, a shaker on leaves and branches. The forecast is for very cold first week of March, which will be change from this mostly warm February. I have, however, begun the slow deliberate cleaning out of papers in my library - an activity I usually hold for snow days. I have filled two woods stoves full which warmed a couple of mornings.
I wanted to include an amazing lucky photo from the motion camera: hawk caught in flight.
I traveled with Tara to Roanoke bus station to meet the 1508,  carrying one family of four asylum seekers from Mexico. Two tiny beautiful children, a six year old girl (about the size of a 3 yr old) and a 2 year old boy (also petit) hugging his small lovely mom and a father. There have been only 4 bus runs so far this February. A stark contrast to last year. Criminal what Trump has caused. And today the results of the Nevada caucuses are trickling in, Sanders is doing great. I would like to see a Sanders/Stacey Abrams ticket in November. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020


Yesterday I joined several friends from qigong class at the Riner Fire Department's oyster and turkey dinner. We had wine and appetizers at Jill B's first, in her wonderful newly renovated open kitchen. But as good as the fried oysters were (not nearly as tasty as Gulf oysters), Ezra's photo posts from Vietnam of the delicious meals he is enjoying, unintentionally mock my taste of seafood here in the winter mountains! Do wish there was a good Vietnamese restaurant here, I would love some Pho. I think I need to try to make some (buy some pasture raised beef and/or buffalo bones). 

Had to post an ocean photograph, tide out. The shadow of the palms striking; the clouds handsome - and my grands making a perfect scene. Miss them! True has survived the first week of the cast on his left arm; he fell at school from a jungle gym. Doctor said no soccer - and, of course, no swimming/ surfing. 

Had a very delicious dinner at Ann's, her Christmas gift to Web+. We began with a gin and grapefruit/lime juice cocktail (probably another ingredient i am forgetting) and cheese, seated in front of a fire in her great room. Diane and Susan had picked up Pat (they had given her a message first!). What energetic conversations at the table, recounting tales of our children, eating an appetizer of stuffed portobello. A main course of deliciously tender roast beef with a spinach sauce, roasted potatoes and Kathy's brussels sprouts. Ann even made a flourless chocolate cake and we shared gifts. Although Pat is using a walker, she is driving and looks very good. She does have to have surgery soon to remove the metal rod in her leg - she is not looking forward to that. Oh a dear wonderful evening.