Sunday, March 8, 2015

Celebrate Women

I am lucky, born among strong women, inspired by my mother and her mother. If not for them I would not have gone off to Sarah Lawrence, one of very few from the deep south! More strong amazing women there who coaxed poems out of me: Jane Cooper, Grace Paley and Muriel Rukeyser. Friends who amazed me - I thought we would change the world...feminist, anti-war protesters. And maybe a little of our world did change. But I realize the world spins torrents of need, we only began.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

oh, March

I wanted to have qigong class, but the schools closed and so cancelled qigong. It is still only rain falling down, but Alma tells me the rain is frozen on the ridge just a mile away where she lives. We plan to meet half way when it turns to snow - Alma has almond pear cake to share. And I have just learned that this weekend Robin Murphy Qigong seminar is cancelled due to plumbing issues and weather. I'll do my routine at home as usual and turn up the music. In anticipation of white, here's a picture from the 26th of February - not so long ago; all of this scene has turned back to winter tan, brown, black and gray - even the road has thawed from the sheet of ice. Sharon moans that even on the coast of Mississippi tonight's temperature may burn the azalea buds. We've nothing so delicate here; however, the birds yesterday sounded spring.