Saturday, February 25, 2012

Belly laughing with the dogs

My dear old (she actually uses this word instead of grandma) friend who lives in Ocean Springs and I were trading emails this morning, happening to be on the computer at the same time. We got into dog feeding and camellias and I started giggling as if we were both sitting on her porch with the bayou stretching out eastward. We know each other so well that I can see her. And I know she can see me. Her voice is in every word she types. My voice, no doubt, in every misspelling I send. And strangest of all, I can see myself. I can almost smell her cigarette and see the dust bunnies under her furniture. She's way too thin and lives on coffee with milk and tiny portions of anything else. I miss sitting on her porch terribly. She was the only reason I went to visit my father; that's maybe a small exaggeration - but if she hadn't also lived in Ocean Springs, I sure as hell wouldn't have stayed longer than three days. She's my first child's godmother and we drive to visit him in Houston. I have to find a photo.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

PERSONHOOD decision postponed

It seems a half assed sort of victory that the "personhood" bill has been sent back to committee. This means that the same idiotic NON scientific notion of confirming personhood at the time of conception to the fertilized egg - floating yet - will return to debate in 2013. This is a move so our Governor can save face and still be considered as a possible Republican Vice Presidential nominee. Disgust has no bounds.

Rainy warm morning. Spring is loosened and the threat of a cold weekend can't dim the smell nor color. I'm eating watercress in my green smoothies and still cutting arugula, beet leaves and chard from plastic shrouded hoops in the garden. Yesterday there were two red cherry tomatoes on the plant in the Blue green house. I ate one. So sweet. Last week I brought up a cup of worm casing to give the plant and felt I deserved the treat!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road work plans

I'm aiming for liberation of the Prius today so that I can get to Planned Parenthood meeting in Blacksburg tomorrow morning with out the use of Mr T (4 wheel drive truck). After filing Mr T up in Riner yesterday, I felt the pain that most folks are feeling at the pump; I've been heavy spoiled by my Prius. I don't mean to disparage the 4 wheel drive capability of Mr T; he's been a life savor.
Sitting here with the sun just peeking over the East ridge, snow birds under the suet on the deck. Faces of Baldwin and DD on Skype just minutes ago still dancing in my head!
The road looks very good; I shoveled just a few spots. I will go up and down several times when I take Mr. T to get the mail around 2. So warm that the dogs and I went to the river after feeding Alaska. The blue house road is all clear! I should have no problem with the Prius.

turkey tracks exaggerated melt in the snow
along with heart of deer hoof
now five petaled paw of dog
and the heel toe torpedo shape of human sole.

a gift from the walk this Ash Wednesday.

Monday, February 20, 2012

we move into the single digits!!!!

I don't mean temperature wise - fortunately; I mean in the count down to the return of our neighbors, our dogs' people, our grandchild! Nine days - I always keep Alaska apprised of the time left; I figure he and I are counting. I haven't talked about it much because I don't want to send the message that we here are miserable. On the contrary, we are OK. Enjoying, perhaps more than usual, dog, cat and chicken kinds of amusement. Exception would be my sled run this morning. I guess I was being selfish - but I just had to make a go of the steep road that curves up to the blue house. I may be wrong, it may be that the dogs enjoyed it as much as I did as I whooped loudly. But what they do is to leap back and forth in front of the sled barking wildly. Mercifully I managed not to run them down. Mr. Lee had snow balls large enough to splay his legs; i had to set him in the sink to help the melt. I left the sled (GT runner - on skies) 1/2 way up the road in case I get up again. But there are already many gravel patches as the temperature rises to 40.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Morning and

Espresso, with chicory and made with Kangen water. Tara and Kathy came for dinner last night and demonstrated their new Kangen water machine. Alma came as our resident scientist, objective skeptic. I must say that after John's work with Nikken, I too am skeptic of such things...and here again is a promotion of the benefits of magnets ("Scientists have discovered that running water past magnetically charged plates makes it possible to separate water into two streams: one that is alkaline and one that is acidic." - pamphlet from Kangen)

Tara tested my water which I already knew was on the alkaline side as I tend to kill any azalea that i plant; and, indeed, the spring is 7.59 PH. Where my water differs from that of Kangen water is in the "ionization" process which supposedly imbues Kangen water with "oxidation-reduction potential" (eg neutralizes free radicals). So I now have 6 gallons of this detoxifying (their word) water which Tara and Kathy will replace in a week so that I can test out the efficacy of the machine. Mind you the machines cost from 2 to 4 thousand dollars (you can get one paying 44 dollars a month - for years!). Sounds like another pyramid scheme; at least, from the way the product is marketed. If you buy one, you can make money back by selling the product (like Nikken). Problem is that the market is easily saturated; it is difficult to recoup the original investment.

Tara and Kathy had many stories of healing sparked by the Kangen water; Alma pointed out that benefits might be due to merely drinking more water - which folks tend not to do. Plus part of the sales pitch demonstrates just how acidic most bottled water is, along with energy drinks and sodas. Duh. Thus if someone drinks more water and cuts out sodas, they are going to feel better regardless of whether Kangen or not. I am impressed that Kathy's got her feet back! And I would hazard that alkaline water alone would benefit cancer patients.

Enjoyed the company and the meal. I think my water is good enough and with the green smoothies I should be getting any benefits lacking in my water. Wet snow falling - temperature almost 40.

Friday, February 17, 2012

hang out at the Blue

Cilantro in small clumps among lettue in Blue House garden. I sit strategically near and pick small pieces, sweet this early spring. I sit for quite awhile, glancing up to Red Bud and into the blue blue sky. An unexpected perk. Today I brought home old spinach leaves for the chickens and some for the worms.
If I were closer to Richmond I would join the protest to show support for WOMEN'S CHOICE. But I am shepherd to dogs and chickens and far too comfortable to move.

the pines

A wondrous day, yet again; the dogs and I amble up to feed Alaska and down through the pines to stroll to the river. I noticed today that there are 15 spring peepers in my pond, yet none in the larger pond at Blue House. Perhaps my smaller pond is warmer? And there are so few fish; I want to get more gold fish for both ponds.
Heavenly lazy afternoon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

bad boy Mars ?

Who is this "Bad Boy Mars?" What are his attributes? Is he the worst enemy of the self? A bully put down, censorious beast? Dangerously spontaneous, impetuous, quick to anger, impatient, inflated ego, maniac? Aggressive? Argumentative? Needing Venus to moderate, more time on the clam shell, less swagger!
It is apparent just how much men/people dislike ardent females, and I know I can be a "feminazi." Nevertheless, the recent political climate of Virginia is making it hard to sit back demurely. Personhood at conception is the most misguided, plain ignorant, idea of late; reminds me of the (i think) Victoria notion of the homonucleus (?) (sperm as responsible for conception being little infitesimally small human). A friend in Mississippi has suggested a march on Richmond dressed as sperm with halos - I was thinking more of wearing berkahs.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the leg bone...

As far as I know, Mr. Lee's first deer carcass treat, leg bone, longer than he is. I wanted to get a picture of the bone in jaws as he tugged it up the deck stairs. I wanted, failing that, to snap him at the door with bone in mouth trying to bring it into the house, this is what I had to settle with.
Sixteen degrees this morning and no cold water in kitchen sink, though, water runs from all other faucets. I meant to let the cold drip in the kitchen sink, but forgot. We are fortunate to have power and I am cozy. An excellent day for inside endeavors: books! Ah, and mulling over new information, or should I say, interpretation of my birth chart. I'm waiting for the 32 degree high for walking to feed Alaska and sunshine which looks promising. It's the wind that is troublesome.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Much for One Day

Not just a chicken, dog, cat day. Well, no day is really just that; the weather alone makes me pay attention. I began the day with an espresso coffee and chicory and piece of pound cake. It was delicious - sinfully! I did have my green smoothie later! Then I drove up to Floyd for popcorn at the Mennonite store and seafood in front of Harvest Moon. I treated myself to a small piece of smoked salmon, small portion of seaweed salad and 7 large shrimp. I spent much of the day planning how to cook the shrimp. They were delicious on whole wheat vermicelli, cooked in olive oil with parsley and lemon juice.
Later in the day, a surprise call from Baldwin and Mindy in Dominican Republic who sound almost like natives, exploring new small cove beaches and even planning response conversations in Spanish!
In the evening, a call from a man in a monastery in Phoenix, a Rosicrucian astrologer healer. I've decided, at my friend Diane's suggestion, to attend four three day workshops on Rosicrucian astrology, particularly one's own and on the planets effect on our lives. The sessions are in Blacksburg; the only difficulty I can imagine is that they run 6 to 10 PM!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think I will be amazed

I can't imagine that a photograph can come close to being there; I am looking forward to stepping on this high ground. I may put rocks in my pockets to hold down my spirit! I know in Colorado's high mountain, I felt so light that I hugged rocks for warmth and weight.
Was good to hear on NPR this morning a piece on Tai Chi and the benefit of this practice for older folks. Tai Chi, as with Qigong, strengthens bones, works to maintain good balance and helps to prevent falls. I was driving to lead my Qigong class. At the intersection of Rt 8 and Rt 669, the "redskins" truck was waiting across from my Prius. Makes me want to put more Obama stickers on my car!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Machu Picchu Here I come!

Talking to Mary Louise and reading over the itinerary - called the travel agent and gave her the pertinent information! I'm signed up! Going to close the chickens than return to write.
A dear time with Lori and Andi over lunch - trying to eat and talk with 4 dogs at our feet.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Exciting news: Ez and Jen are having a little GIRL! Would be exciting too if boy; but I must say that DD has spoiled me. I find I love little girl clothes. I love little girl talk. And as Ez says, "I've had my boys!" Oh, but boys are dear and just as imaginative and intelligent. Whatever! We are blessed.
You might note the above photo of my house guests looks strange. Mojo on the tiniest bed, trying to curl himself tight enough to fit! Irie luxuriating on Mojo's large bed - which is coveted by Mr. Lee and occasionally won for a quick nap. I bought more dog treats today and food; they are fond of the chicken soup stock that I have been adding to their plain kibbles. Mojo wolfs down his food in seconds, Irie takes her time and Mr. Lee leaves some for me to save for him for later ("i'm special"). It's a dogs' world here. Katrina doesn't even hang inside. She finds mole holes more stimulating.
Four o'clock, the choice: news of the world, BBC, or switch to FM for All Things Considered? Wine or no wine? Green smoothie or chicken soup? pound cake from Chris or brownies I made when Goff's visited? I am avoiding the harder choices which have arisen thanks to having agreed to judge a contest. The dilemma which presents itself is over the consensus three judges are supposed to reach! It is complicated by the fact that none of the submissions are stand outs.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Show

With Mr. Lee on my lap I settled in to watch "48 Hours Mystery" , the "Dark Side of Paradise" about Ezra and Baldwin's Uncle Don's murder on his sailboat in Panama. Although I was aware of much of the story because of the huge role Ezra played in the investigation, I became intrigued and fearful and anxious all over again. I remember following Don Winner's Panama Guide daily last year about this same time before Javier was caught - crazy afraid for Ezra being down in Panama! The show did an amazing job of retelling the tale, cogently and sympathetically. I am so proud of my son; I clapped and talked to Mr. Lee. Uncle Don had such a good calm core. I remember how it was to him that I went when after a Thanksgiving with too many spiked brownies I thought that I was having a stroke. Don was staying with us for the holiday and I woke up Ez (2 years old) and went to sit with Don until I could make it back in sync with my body. I trust he is free of the horror of his death.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Day before yesterday I glimpsed a large bird quickly flint by the windows by the deck; yesterday again I caught sight of the same pale bird shape. The notion the first time was that my pigeon was back; but i persuaded myself that it couldn't be. Yesterday I took pictures of pigeon perched on the black walnut while I talked to it. It hasn't taken up residence on the upstairs back porch; I think she/he merely found the neighborhood, made a nostalgic stop.
Big dog, medium dog, small dog and I walked up to the mailboxes in the morning to mail letters (3rd one for 3rd day of February - trying to write one a day for the month). We hiked up to feed Alaska later and then strolled to the river. We've a new sheltered spot by the bank by what was a small island which is now peninsula. There is a large blackened rock just off the river side which I named mecca, blessed with river otter scat on top which lured Irie.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We Celebrate February!

Greeting the chickens this morning with Happy February didn't arouse henny pennies, but doggies seemed to take up my glee as we veered to the river. Mr. lee can run right under Mojo; it is his new trick. But it is difficult to get a good picture of the three of them; especially sitting on the bank of the river when their preferred position is nose down in the sand.
Today when I was up at the Blue House I ventured into the garden and discovered some spinach and even cilantro! Yum, goodies for the smoothies. Eating watercress often on walks to the river.
Ez emailed today that the "48 Hours Mystery" about Uncle Don's disappearance in Panama is due to air this Saturday, February 4th on CBS, 10PM my time. I am curious about how they will present the story and I want to see Ez. But I do not look forward to seeing the murderer.