Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Road work plans

I'm aiming for liberation of the Prius today so that I can get to Planned Parenthood meeting in Blacksburg tomorrow morning with out the use of Mr T (4 wheel drive truck). After filing Mr T up in Riner yesterday, I felt the pain that most folks are feeling at the pump; I've been heavy spoiled by my Prius. I don't mean to disparage the 4 wheel drive capability of Mr T; he's been a life savor.
Sitting here with the sun just peeking over the East ridge, snow birds under the suet on the deck. Faces of Baldwin and DD on Skype just minutes ago still dancing in my head!
The road looks very good; I shoveled just a few spots. I will go up and down several times when I take Mr. T to get the mail around 2. So warm that the dogs and I went to the river after feeding Alaska. The blue house road is all clear! I should have no problem with the Prius.

turkey tracks exaggerated melt in the snow
along with heart of deer hoof
now five petaled paw of dog
and the heel toe torpedo shape of human sole.

a gift from the walk this Ash Wednesday.

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