Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Show

With Mr. Lee on my lap I settled in to watch "48 Hours Mystery" , the "Dark Side of Paradise" about Ezra and Baldwin's Uncle Don's murder on his sailboat in Panama. Although I was aware of much of the story because of the huge role Ezra played in the investigation, I became intrigued and fearful and anxious all over again. I remember following Don Winner's Panama Guide daily last year about this same time before Javier was caught - crazy afraid for Ezra being down in Panama! The show did an amazing job of retelling the tale, cogently and sympathetically. I am so proud of my son; I clapped and talked to Mr. Lee. Uncle Don had such a good calm core. I remember how it was to him that I went when after a Thanksgiving with too many spiked brownies I thought that I was having a stroke. Don was staying with us for the holiday and I woke up Ez (2 years old) and went to sit with Don until I could make it back in sync with my body. I trust he is free of the horror of his death.

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  1. Oh Mary! I feel the exact same way. You put it into words perfectly. Mindy asked for my opinion of the show; I immediately felt that familiar pit in my sternum that I had for many weeks a year ago when I, too, would search The Panama Guide or some Panamanian television show or how did we come to even know Don Winner? It all came back..and with that I feel like wanting to advise against even going through it again. Yet, the honesty and conviction that Ezra had through the process is something that certainly needs to be remembered. His family should be proud. In truth, the ending is what shined light in the black hole..believing that his resting place is exactly where he would have wanted it to be. That was a nice thought to leave with.Still so sad....:(