Saturday, February 11, 2012

Much for One Day

Not just a chicken, dog, cat day. Well, no day is really just that; the weather alone makes me pay attention. I began the day with an espresso coffee and chicory and piece of pound cake. It was delicious - sinfully! I did have my green smoothie later! Then I drove up to Floyd for popcorn at the Mennonite store and seafood in front of Harvest Moon. I treated myself to a small piece of smoked salmon, small portion of seaweed salad and 7 large shrimp. I spent much of the day planning how to cook the shrimp. They were delicious on whole wheat vermicelli, cooked in olive oil with parsley and lemon juice.
Later in the day, a surprise call from Baldwin and Mindy in Dominican Republic who sound almost like natives, exploring new small cove beaches and even planning response conversations in Spanish!
In the evening, a call from a man in a monastery in Phoenix, a Rosicrucian astrologer healer. I've decided, at my friend Diane's suggestion, to attend four three day workshops on Rosicrucian astrology, particularly one's own and on the planets effect on our lives. The sessions are in Blacksburg; the only difficulty I can imagine is that they run 6 to 10 PM!!

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