Tuesday, February 14, 2012

bad boy Mars ?

Who is this "Bad Boy Mars?" What are his attributes? Is he the worst enemy of the self? A bully put down, censorious beast? Dangerously spontaneous, impetuous, quick to anger, impatient, inflated ego, maniac? Aggressive? Argumentative? Needing Venus to moderate, more time on the clam shell, less swagger!
It is apparent just how much men/people dislike ardent females, and I know I can be a "feminazi." Nevertheless, the recent political climate of Virginia is making it hard to sit back demurely. Personhood at conception is the most misguided, plain ignorant, idea of late; reminds me of the (i think) Victoria notion of the homonucleus (?) (sperm as responsible for conception being little infitesimally small human). A friend in Mississippi has suggested a march on Richmond dressed as sperm with halos - I was thinking more of wearing berkahs.

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  1. This is good! Was it after espresso? Wondering if that new coffee consumption is effecting focus, writing, etc...Loving the spring photos..not too long now before sunshine is home :)