Friday, February 3, 2012


Day before yesterday I glimpsed a large bird quickly flint by the windows by the deck; yesterday again I caught sight of the same pale bird shape. The notion the first time was that my pigeon was back; but i persuaded myself that it couldn't be. Yesterday I took pictures of pigeon perched on the black walnut while I talked to it. It hasn't taken up residence on the upstairs back porch; I think she/he merely found the neighborhood, made a nostalgic stop.
Big dog, medium dog, small dog and I walked up to the mailboxes in the morning to mail letters (3rd one for 3rd day of February - trying to write one a day for the month). We hiked up to feed Alaska later and then strolled to the river. We've a new sheltered spot by the bank by what was a small island which is now peninsula. There is a large blackened rock just off the river side which I named mecca, blessed with river otter scat on top which lured Irie.

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