Sunday, May 17, 2015

One month later

The time between has been limbo, bronchitis land. I am crawling forth, working in the garden the last couple of mornings. However, for more than two weeks, it was cough, poor sleep, no stamina - cough! Haven't had a bout of bronchitis like this since I was a smoker. Fortunately all of the early work in the garden is doing well; I have lettuce every day, onion tops, cilantro. Baldwin saved the day by mowing down the weeds which were about to take over. And my potatoes are up and thriving. I also have asparagus daily. My peonies are blooming; the spring have been incredibly lovely. The wisteria booming! Poppies and annual flox all about the house. I need to add some more pictures to this new computer; hold back from flooding the memory.