Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve 2015

Ending the year by bringing all my trash to the recycling center before leading my class in qigong. I will begin 2016 with empty garbage cans and aim to spend at least some of the new year weeding thru my too many things. Bring books to the library and clothes to MEAP store. I have accumulated too much to clean out in one day. Besides I need to burn old writing and poems, a cold weather project. And cold winter is due to come the weather man says; we have been unusually warm. I will just dearly pray that snow will hold off until after I return from my trip to Dominican Republic!
Speaking of trips, I enjoyed my time in Houston with Ez, Jen and Fia and with Jen's mom and her brother and his family. Played with Fia's Christmas presents with her: legos (princess and her cat with castle and catapult - really, ha!), playmobile (family camping with tent), tee-pee and huge soft dog, play-do (sea turtle mold and jewelry making kit), and with Fia's doll - oh and puzzles too!! Ez and his friend, Mulvi (who let me stay in his guest room only a few blocks from Ez's house) met me in New Orleans for my brother's party for his daughter, Libby, at the Home of the Blues. I was supposed to be there at 5 PM; but due to fog in Roanoke, I didn't arrive until 10:30. The airline finally got a bus for 50 stranded passengers to Charlotte. Brief hello to Brother, Libby and William - enjoyed the band (Pat Green) and Irma Thomas who sang a couple of songs. We flew to Houston in the morning, Christmas Eve. I was supposed to leave Houston  on the 28th at 8 am, but, deja vie, planes were delayed because of tornadoes in Dallas and foul weather across the country. I finally got home at 8 in the evening, standby status. ah! Global Warming bringing dramatic weather; Mississippi higher than recorded.

Monday, December 21, 2015


Pictures from Dominican Republic;  they've moved into the compound with the fringe from roof palmettos etching out the light from windows and doors (which are soon come!). A stove and a mattress and kids' stockings hung. I'm so looking forward to being there. Happy day of least light; happy coming of the light! 
Two walk day, Alma joined me for the afternoon hike to the bottoms to familiarize the dogs to her presence which will be their person for the few days I'm gone. Christmas in Houston after party down at the Home of the Blues in New Orleans. I'm bringing caramels and dark chocolate bark from the Chocolate Spike. I think I am ready.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thinking Heavy in the Cold, Thinking Light

Warmer today after two mornings in the 20s. Wild goose qigong at the river while dogs nose the river bank. Stamping on the heaved earth. Trying to find good remedy for cold in the nose; Schussler tissue salt, Kali Muriaticum seems to be helping immensely. Shortly after the first dose on Friday, swollen glands deflated! "Without the presence of this salt no new brain-cell formation would take place!" (Boericke & Dewey's bk on 12 Tissue Remedies of Shussler). I think I needed this remedy years ago. "It is found in the blood in greater quantity than any other inorganic salt except its close relative Sodium chloride (Nat-mur)." Interestingly, it is the principle remedy for smallpox - controls the formation of pustules; in that vein, to be considered in cases of herpes, shingles, lupus, measles, hoarse cough and glandular swellings. 
This has prompted a closer study of all 12 tissue salts and some other of the Kali remedies. I have recently suggested Silica for a friend. A remedy which I think of when treating an infant who seems to be failing to thrive, with difficult dentition. Interestingly, Silica is an excellent remedy for gum disease in adults. Mentally, people who need Silica, are very detailed oriented. I now think that their physical state (difficult assimilation)  correlates with their tendency to take copious notes and tape classes, repeating classes without retaining skills. These folks are cold, prone to wearing hats, lack vital heat. There is a lack of 'grit."

 This is where I go when I feel too cold! The green house is heavenly with the blooming lemon and lime, festive with the riot colors of the blooming geraniums. A break from my study.
Another tissue salt which I find useful is Ferrum phosphoric, which if taken at the first sign of inflammation can prevent full blown head cold. "Iron (ferrum) is the biochemical remedy for : 1 The first stage of inflammations.
2 Pains that are worse from motion and better from cold.
3 Hemorrhages caused by hyperaemia.
4 Fresh wounds cause by mechanical injuries." 
The mental symptoms with call for this remedy include "trifles seem like mountains, annoyed at trifles!" 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salubrious Weather

Maybe not the expected weather of December, but glorious sun and 50's to 60, expected 70 on Saturday. Celebration long walks with dogs. Qigong at the river; singing and airing out the house. I cleaned up my CD player and tried out two new discs - the whole house filled with the music.
After qigong today, Beth offered a presentation of salt fermenting vegetables and fruit; inspired I have started a quart jar of cabbage, ginger, garlic, carrot, jalapeƱo, stem of broccoli. In 7 to 10 days I should have some goodies. After a quick trip to the recycling center in Riner, I met my class at the Buffalo and More for lunch - they treated me. I love the way the class has expanded and continues after five years. Here's to more qigong and to fermented vegetables!
The island in a different light!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

in a certain light

On a walk last week, as the sun bowed behind the Floyd ridge, I stopped to take a picture of the island opposite the wild persimmon trees. So blue. The water more often a green tint. 
Today I cut a very small (maybe 2 feet high) cypress and have a decorated tree on the wood stove. I hung my stocking. It is pretty festive inside. I promised the dogs I would fill my stocking with dog treats and cat toys! And tomorrow i am mailing a box to the DR; Baldwin and Mindy sent an address. Their house is looking fantastic; they must move in by the 20th. I am calling it the found planet. Baldwin has done a beautiful job designing and building this enclave of pods. I look forward to January when i visit.