Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac the now hurricane

Fortunately this wide tropical storm took a long time to fashion an eye when it entered the Gulf of Mexico and thus has not become stronger than a Cat 1 hurricane; nevertheless, the amount of rain that it may drop is substantial, especially considering that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast doesn't need any rain. Because there is a hurricane threatening the land of my childhood, I am near totally distracted by the event. I remember praying for hurricanes in the fall so that school might be closed much as children where I live now,pray for snow storms. The excitement of a hurricane is propelling; I wonder if a black hole is as attractive? The aftermath of a hurricane is not so attractive as the fury of its approach. I can recall finding little relief from the heat after Betsy; baby sitting my brother, helping to clean up our yard (a tree had come through the roof of our house into my room - I think, a Japanese plum). I left for my second year of college with much of the city roofless or worse. I was just married when Camile hit, with my husband at Fort Polk for basic training, I spent weekends at my parent's house in Ocean Springs helping them clean up the terrible mess of debris that a hurricane leaves, in an unremitting humid hot world of no electricity. 

But my month has mostly been about two projects, on the one hand to heal from a nasty virus and on the other to memorize my poems for our show in September. I seem to making more progress on the poems, learning the lines with understanding I trust. The healing has been slow. Helped today from wonderful body work by Alison who is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. I am learning how to allow my skeleton do the work of movement, letting my muscles follow (i hope i have this correct!). How to hold myself without tension, especially in jaw and shoulders. loosening up!  

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