Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainy Day Sunday

Only a half assed watering last night in the garden though without inkling that rain might come, delightedly waking to the sound of hard rain in the early  morning, I am tickled by the dreariness and thankful that a houseful of 4 year olds must have brought it on! I roasted two batches of tomatoes in an effort to rescue a too large to eat crop - and not a day left to wait or I could have brought them to qigong tomorrow. The roasted ones are so sweet and will be delicious in soup along with the beans I froze yesterday. I planted some small collard, broccoli, and chard seedlings yesterday - they look happy with the grey drizzle. I plan to enlarge my winter garden this year.
A New picture of Fia at 2 months old with mom in their back yard. I hope I can get down to see her before the new year or shortly afterwards.
When Mr. Lee and I walked to the river yesterday evening, Mr Lee crossed over to the island below the shelf falls (we call "continental shelf!") all by himself. Usually because of the current, I carry him. He was proud of himself.

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