Saturday, September 24, 2011

what i am doing, i think

No groundhog in the have a heart this morning; must have chosen the wrong hole under the fence - will try second choice in Mahoney's territory with the hens. Carrying a bucket when I go to the chicken coop to collect black walnuts which I toss in a pile away from the yard for the squirrels. The walnut tree's lower limbs touch the ground with the weight of nuts this year; down by the river one of the large walnuts has the largest green globes I have ever seen. Does this imply a cold winter or just remark on the rainy spring?
End of September so soon. Leaves on the deck which I sweep as they fall again and again. Soon I will move the lime tree into the green house (20 limes dangling from its spindly limbs). I love fall and savor the last of the fresh dinners from the garden.
And as I bend to collect another green walnut, I smile with the flash image of myself at 90 doing this or sweeping the leaves over and over again from the deck!


  1. Mary, I enjoy those visions of the future; Glad you are smiling when you see them. I wonder if people in nursing homes had flash images of themselves in nursing homes when they were "young." Or did the elderly who had visions of themselves puttering about their gardens at old ages really come to be that? Or, is my sense of security that "I have time" (because of said visions or longevity genes) false? I suppose Time Will Tell for us all & hopefully we still have the Mind to remember!

  2. thanks, Faith! it always makes me smile to imagine myself at 90 - it somehow makes it real that i might be there and yet makes it ok if I don't have to suffer the inevitable humiliation - guess humiliation can happen any time!!
    cheers and hugs to you