Saturday, May 13, 2017

bear visit

Last night, Mr Lee and I comfortable in bed, a roaming bear - no doubt the one who visited Alma's a few days ago - smashed my bird feeder and two suet holders which hang on hooks from kitchen windows. I should have begun taking in the feeders after hearing about Alma's incident, but I didn't. Now I have a note on the window to remind myself to do so tonight. Mr Lee did suddenly  become hyper alert last night, and I thought I heard some muffled pounding. I figured it was Katrina knocking over a jar of water. Ah, if only I had gotten up I might have a picture of the bear!
Being with my blog arouses my discontent with the state of the world and I fail to write the ire and sorrow feeling it is impotent raving. Enough of that to read on FB. Better to work in garden, better to make sign for the protest on Monday! It is hard not to be miserably depressed. And the pain in my heel which I have been nursing for two months compounds the tendency to gloom. Catching the weather this evening, there was the face of Ruler Trump speaking at Liberty U. WTF . Upside down world. 

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