Saturday, November 16, 2019

why am I negligent

It is not in my routine, not even with chickens expunged from routine, not even since the grandchildren have with their parents gone to Dominican Republic for the winter escuela and tonic. I have become a prisoner of my own making, fairly prepared for a nursing home with a jigsaw puzzle laid out on a card table. I do walk with my dear dog to the river or up the road daily. I do busy myself with soup making and meetings and teaching qigong, recently adding an evening of qigong class in Floyd. I regularly practice Spanish on Duolingo - hope to try out at least a few words at the supermercado this Christmas. I feel somewhat rudderless. 
And here is a neighbor of the night, coyote, caught on the motion sensitive outdoor camera we have set up by the creek. A here is a bear! Lots of deer and raccoons  have been photographed, occasionally a turkey, blue heron and river otters. 

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