Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have frequently used the phrase,"I have to make two mistakes before I know I've made a mistake," in reference to much of my life. It was formulated after my father told me, with not a touch of sympathy in his voice, "only a fool makes the same mistake twice." He was referring to my second divorce! He didn't know about my two abortions. Of course, it is somewhat prideful to think that I learned after two mistakes...I certainly smoked more than two cigarettes, took more 'shrums and LSD than two. However, this second melanoma (fortunately "insitu") has prompted me to hope this second incident is the last.
Wonderful weekend at Robin A Murphy ND's Qigong seminar - and I was able to recall the Amrita Mudras to share with my class in Riner. I love doing qigong; I can notice how much stronger I am than 3 years ago . I suspect, too, that my bones are much stronger and my balance improved. Mostly I feel my grin is more often on my face - I just hope I can keep a face on! ha!

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