Sunday, January 22, 2017

Resistance is Fertile

More on the Women's March: 750,000 marched in LA, a score in Antartica, thousands thronged the Ann Richardson bridge in Austin (who must be so proud of her daughter Cecil who heads Planned Parenthood), 100's in Gulfport MS and thousands in New Orleans (or course, Mardi Gras opportunity). More and More, sends chills down my arms as I type, and by the tweet of it, Trump is pissed. Oh, petty little hands man. I liked a slogan which I saw in English and in Spanish: Respect Existence or Expect Resistance! 
Here we are again, with our safety rope which was a great hit with the crowd. It did keep us together until a slew of people separated Valen from us, sending Pat after her daughter through the throng. We didn't meet up again until the bus - 1,800 buses all parked at RFK stadium. We had wine waiting for us and cheese and crackers, nuts and apples. We were jubilant. Now to not lose this energy of compassionate awareness. Now to keep a finger on our legislators both state and federal. Now to keep all accountable. Now to register our discontent. Now to  not despair but to act. 

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