Saturday, April 1, 2017

I think of my mother all day

My mother's cotton ball canapés, delightful served with cocktails on April Fool's day, haunted me. I wanted to think of a good joke to play on my kids.  I first contemplated bringing a hen inside and taking pictures which I would post with the caption: "my new pet." But although I spent time in the coop changing the water, I had no chance to capture a bird. I chuckled at morning edition's rock soup, dirty rock dishes, for healthy dining - it was almost believable until they interviewed a Parisian about saving their precious dog's poop for ingredient.  I failed to come up with a plan or photo or story to post and the day was colder than anticipated. 
I did take mr.lee on a run to the recycling center in Mr.T (the truck). I accidentally dropped the entire plastic bag into the container with the recyclables - fortunately the man using the bin had a hook in his truck and managed to hoist my bag out. Then mr. lee and I drove to Childress Garden Center for seed potatoes and cabbage seedlings (and some flowers for my homecoming family). Mr. Puckett has a female dog like mr.lee - from the pound, who has had to have all of her teeth pulled. I teased mr.lee that he had a girl friend. 

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