Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Real Good Birthday

The evening before Pearl's 9th birthday, Baldwin and I went looking for a small kayak and finally found what we wanted at Dick's. Baldwin managed to talk the salesman down to $79 dollars for a ride on top kids kayak with paddle! We were a bit concerned that it was neon pink, unsure if Pearl would like. 
We hid the present in the shop by the tower of river floats; I later decorated it with Pearl's name and bows. Saturday morning I spent as a volunteer, directing traffic at one of the gardens on the garden tour. Arriving home by noon, I was excited to let Pearl know that she could come down to find her present from me. Her good friend Lilly was here for the party with her family and they were headed for the river. 
Pearl was delighted with the kayak as was her brother! "Awesome," she said. And off the troops went to the swimming hole to test the new ride. I went to the bottom land below the falls to wait for the flotilla of inner tubes and Pearl on her kayak. I made a circle of balanced rocks, looking up occasionally for signs of the pink ship. Wow, the paddles so bright when I saw her way ahead of the inner tubes. Lilly was balanced on the back of the kayak. They made it over the falls without tipping. Pearl is a wonderful kayaker - as is her little brother. What a wonderful addition to our boats. Now Pearl and True can venture down river with us all. 

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