Saturday, July 22, 2017

Grumbling in the sky, hen on the nest panting

and I was just on my way to the river, now hesitating. My dog delighted with a surprise frozen rib from a past cook out. It is hot out. Hot enough that the blooms on the gardenia, in spite of frequent watering, seem to faint. 
I don't know how my broody hen manages the warm coop most all day (tho I toss her out whenever I visit). A few days ago I surprised her pecking at a snake in the adjoining nest box! I have still not turned on my a/c as the nights cool down and fans are quite sufficient. And unlike the hen house, my house has insulation. 
The possible cloud burst has past with but a meager spit. I'm going to check for an egg and then take my bones to a spot on a rock in the river.

The river a slake, giving me cool bones for this most warm day of the summer of 2017. Now breeze thru the house from squalls which brought us no rain. Maybe tomorrow a rain, but I've just finished watering the garden. A few of my cucumber plants have "the wilt" it appears - they have stopped producing. I blame the heat. They were so promising. The squash also looks poorly. Ah. 

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