Wednesday, June 17, 2009

from this past weekend

As I mentioned in earlier blog, Robin Murphy ND, spoke of a North Carolina man who is having success curing people of terminal cancer with a warmed solution of maple syrup and baking soda. There is also a hospital in Rome that is using IVs of baking soda to cure cancers. Baking soda alkalizes the body which makes the body inhospitable to cancers; cancer needs an acidic environment to thrive - and loves sugar. Robin was hypothesizing that the maple syrup works as a delivery system for the baking soda; candy with poison inside - poison to cancer cells! (the ratio of baking soda to maple syrup is 1:3; heat for 5 minutes)
Amazing what we already have in our homes that can heal us - or harm us! I wonder if people realize how acidic most of their diet is and how important it is to eat fresh organic or locally grown vegetables and fruits. I think Edgar Casey said that all canned food is acidic, meat, dairy (though i think that raw milk is ok?), breads, sweets.


  1. We think the best medicine is to fully enjoy life and enjoy food...acidic or not, if it tastes great and you are in nice company and you take a long time to grow it and cook it then that's the best way. Pearl especially believes in the slow food movement. In between bites she may choose to point at the cat or to sing a little song- you can't rush her and you shouldn't...but she really loves fruits lately!

  2. Good point, should be a balance; and enjoyment is most important; SLOW, YES!!!! masticate (chew) food well. cheers to the wisdom of little dear one.