Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fire again

I'm not saying that the angry one is responsible for the disintegration of a relationship, it definitely takes two. However the angry one needs to step back and look at the anger. What's going on here? Anger escalates - and can be so f------- righteous. I've fingered out this much about my own kind of ire: I'm mad at polluters, I'm mad at chemical corporation who have pushed herbicides and insecticides, I'm mad at all of us who are hurting ourselves and the Earth. I'm upset with us for hurting our own bodies. So I must be angry at suicides; although I have wanted to respect that choice, I have finally had to be angry. Angry at my sister and father for choosing to kill themselves even though they had such little choice. What help was there for war shock in 1948; or for my sister in 1962 for manic depression? But I needed to be angry and I wasn't. So NOW I'm angry. Watch out!

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  1. Anger can be a very productive thing, as you are proving with your latest blog posts! Anger can propel us to make necessary changes if used properly. It can also be tremendously productive in the creative realm. Still, it's not fun being pissed off all of the time.:) Remember what the reviewer said about Mindy's paintings "Anger Lurks". ha ha!